10 Corporate Team Building Activities in Paris

Having something in your schedule to be excited about is important. Even now, we bet you’ve got a number or a day on your head for that one thing you’ve got coming up. Good. We do too!

Team building activities aren’t made up of managerial talk. They aren’t going-through-the-motions corporate cultural events. They’re meaningful endeavours that have genuine benefits for your employees.

We’re not being dramatic when we say that a meaningful team-building activity could be the difference that leads to a colleague going the extra yard for their coworker. And the world of business is won or lost by a handful of yards.

After this article, you will be well educated in what corporate team building activities there are in Paris. After that, you will really have some tough decisions to make, because which one? You’re spoilt for choice. But hey, if it’s a success there’s nothing to stop you from doing them all one after the other!

Fly View

Fly View via FlyView360

Fly View is quite an unforgettable experience. It’s a virtual Paris fly over, simulating a jet-pack. You’ll get to know the best places in Paris from a unique perspective.

The views are totally true to their surroundings. The graphic simulation was filmed from Paris flyovers. And the sensation of flying is totally realistic, making it a completely immersive experience.

It’s not just Paris that you can fly over. They have seven other areas to explore, being The Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Lake Baikal and the Kambalnaya River with its bears in Russia, the Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia, and Mont Blanc.

The experience is for a maximum of 24 people and can come with breakfast, snack or drinks. It’s entirely up to you.

Les Bureau des Légendes

Les Bureau des Légendes via Sous Legende

The entire world is obsessed with secret agent stories. Now is your chance to live out your favourite cliches. Now is your chance to be in the story.

Over two hours you are working and training with the French secret services. It’s not easy, your intellect and aptitude will be severely tested. From Infiltration, decryption, interrogation, manipulation, have you got what it takes?

Les Bureau des Légendes is set in a secret 300m2 venue in the heart of Paris. It lasts for 3 to 6 hours and is a deep immersion game. It combines elements of an escape room, immersive theatre, and an action game.

The narrative of the game and the decor is closely set to the TV series of the same name, but even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Le Cheese Geek

Le Cheese Geek via LeCheeseGeek

The tasting includes a 2-hour session with a certified cheesemonger, including 6 farmstead French cheese. They are paired with 3 wines and 2 different types of bread. You’ll also get a cheese tasting book, award-winning jams, honey, candied peppers, and coffee jellies.

Know that, this is tough to write this close to lunch, especially on a Friday. It’s okay though, we’re almost there.

The Cheese Room is on the incredibly cool rue Sainte-Marthe. That’s in the 10th arrondissement. The room is like a cool classroom for adults. A chalkboard wall, colourful posters, and sturdy, comforting tables and chairs. Small little features, but they add to a warm and perky vibe to your session.

These sessions are better for small teams as the class is a maximum of 10. So expect lots of communication, and enjoy not having to shout over each other, or have to be split up from your best work mate all day.


Illucity via Facebook

Illucity is a virtual reality experience that brings you the best immersive entertainment the industry has to offer.

Your senses will be overwhelmed thanks to their VR tech, which includes a headset, controllers, backpack, and haptic accessories.

They have some pretty amazing universes to explore, such as Toyland, the Prince of Persia Universe, Assassin’s Creed Universe, Incarna, and Eclipse.

If you’re not familiar with any of those names it means you can be immersed in the world of Ancient Greece, a Toy Story Esque toy world, an imagined interdimensional vision, or even deep space.

Your team-building experience is tailored to what you want. If you want a buffet or drinks to go with your game, that’s doable. If you’d prefer to turn up, knock out a VR sesh and leave, then that’s doable too!

Molinard Perfume Workshops

Molinard Perfume Workshops via Molinard

Is there a city more appropriate to make your own perfume? Absolutely not. This is the city where Coco Chanel lived and worked. She didn’t make No. 5 for you to answer back with any other city!

Imagine the smugness when someone compliments your signature scent? Where can I get it? They’ll ask? And you’ll just have to set them straight. They don’t get it, at all.

When in Paris, go check out Molinard and live a life of grandeur and glamour.

Qui Veut Pister

Qui Veut Pister via QuiVeutPisterParis

Now it’s time for a good old fashioned treasure hunt! With Qui Veut Pister, the goal is to allow you to discover the well-known and the not so well-known parts of the city.

You’ll be divided into several teams, and given clues to find, problems to solve, and routes to follow.

Each team is given a briefcase to get the job done. Each is packed with all the accessories needed to carry out a thorough investigation such as binoculars, a compass, a torch, a measuring tape and more.

The activity takes 2 and a half hours on average including breeding and reflection time.

We Can Doo

We Can Doo via LesConfettis

We’re not ashamed to admit it but these days as a society we’ve become pretty useless with our hands.

But we shouldn’t feel too bad about ourselves. We know some skills our ancestors would have a panic attack if they knew about.

We Can Doo gives you the chance to learn the skills of our ancestor craftsmen and women.


ReminiSens via Facebook

Having a secret yearning to have lived and socialised in Versailles in its pomp isn’t lame. It’s perfectly normal. Okay well, it might be a bit lame, but who cares!?

Combine the joy of eating with the thrill of a Baroque show in a unique immersive dining experience.

It’s set in an XVIIIth century formal lounge. As well as experiencing theatre, you’ll be treated to card games, logical puzzles and anecdotes.

It can take the form of an immersive team-building experience where you take part in the action, or just a bit of fun to treat your team too.

Urban Gaming

Urban Gaming via Facebook

How do you like the sound of virtual team bonding? Urban Gaming creates its own games, so you know what you’re experiencing is 100% unique.

Urban gaming promises to mould its service to your event. From an informal and fun activity to a formal and serious corporate business event. They have something for you.

Their games range from out and out video games, to fun quizzes. Remember, it’s games designed to build team cohesion specifically, so they’re not akin to games you can buy in the store.

Quiz Room: Paris Odeon

Quiz Room: Paris Odeon via Facebook

Quizzes are so much fun. There’s so much going on: the thrill of the competition, the chance to show off, and the chance for some real bonding time. Bosses should always have a quiz up their sleeve at any given moment.

It’s a friendly experience designed to bring you and your colleagues together. The questions are customizable too to make them more relevant to your group.

It’s an accessible and inclusive event, that tests not only your general knowledge, but your ability in collaboration, speed, and analysis.

Wrapping up

Team building activities are so much fun! And they seem to get funnier and more elaborate all the time. Why? We’re not exactly sure. But people seem to be taking this more seriously. More demands lead to more competition. And you know what they say, competition leads to innovation.

If you ever need help in finding the perfect venue or team building activity, then you should look into what the Spacehuntr team has to offer for you. This team of experts is able to provide you with all requirements which you might need for any work/team building event. Aside from Paris, the team operates all across Europe!

The famous saying goes, when in Rome. But we’re saying, when in Paris… When in Paris, you probably want to try some of the wine the country is famous for. Maybe you want to make a team-building experience of it? If so, you might want to check out this guide to the best wine tasting workshops in Paris.

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