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10 Helpful Tips On Conserving Water In Your Business In The UK

Conservation of water is necessary because it is a scarce resource. Water is essential to all places, including homes, businesses, and enterprises.

Inefficient water use has been a long problem in the world, and water has been a resource that many people take advantage of too often.

In the UK, there is a water supply problem due to the excessive demand of consumers. Many factors affect this increasing demand, like the population and hotter and drier summers.

Water is necessary to run any business. According to some studies, the food industry is the largest water consumer in the UK. Due to this, Business water suppliers are everywhere in the market to meet this demand.

Many UK businesses have their initiatives to help in conserving water. Even a simple action can bring a change to help prevent water scarcity. Here are ten helpful tips you can save water in your business in the UK:

Replaces taps with spray taps

Taps located in the toilets can still work to conserve water by installing spray taps. Spray taps and water or any water-saving aerators can reduce water wastage by 95 per cent. Installing spray taps will turn the usual flow of water into droplets, helping you to save more water.

There are many reasons why replacing faucet taps is necessary, this includes:

  • convenient and water efficient
  • energy saving
  • handy and easy to install
  • hassle-free use

Get your staff onboard

Having your staff and employees onboard is another way to conserve water. As a business owner, you can educate your employees about the different ways they can help.

It is also necessary to encourage your employees to give ideas for water conservation. This way, your business initiative to conserve water will be more inclusive.

Here are some ways you can get your staff onboard:

  • Talk to your employees about water conservation initiatives
  • Give incentives to motivate them.
  • Implement an office maintenance checklist
  • Establish a limit on water use

Regular water consumption monitoring

Regular water consumption monitoring can help to conserve water. Conserving water in your workplace is a team effort.

Monitoring is necessary to know which areas you need to improve. Monitoring water consumption helps you to see the patterns. Studying these patterns will improve inefficiency in your business water use.

Most businesses in the UK plan their water consumption. This way, they can set limits up to which level of water consumption they have for their business.

To benchmark a solution, get your water used regularly, and a record of these consumptions can make you see and compare. You will need accurate and proper data in implementing a no water wastage campaign in your business.

Monthly maintenance check

Maintenance is essential to see if there are problems in your business water components. Better water management can help you conserve and save more water for your business.

Here are some of the water maintenance checks you can do:

  • Inspecting the plumbing system for any water leaks
  • Check toilets for any water leaks
  • Inspect if faucets are working
  • Check leaks in water tanks

Harvesting rainwater

Installing a rainwater harvesting device can help you conserve water. Water harvested from the rain is possible to use. You can use it for cleaning the workplace, watering plants, and flushing toilets.

Although a massive investment, having a rainwater harvesting device can help you save money on your water bills. Harvesting water can reduce water usage by as much as 40 per cent.

In the UK, a business having a rainwater harvester has a high chance of a BREEAM certification. The certification is an indicator of your business’s efforts for sustainability. This kind of certification will not only help you conserve. But will show future clients and investors your willingness to help the environment.

Installing water-saving devices

Water-saving devices are necessary to mitigate water scarcity. These devices can significantly cut your business’s water usage.

Water-saving devices are an efficient way to help your daily water conservation effort. These devices are also smart-built and effective to help you reduce your business water expenses.

Some of these water-saving devices include:

  • Urinal or toilet flush and controls
  • Cistern reduction device
  • Water flow restrictors
  • Volumizing taps and showers

Buying energy-saving appliances

Energy-saving appliances help in conserving water. As many businesses in the UK depend on water, there are energy-saving appliances to help you consume less water.

The energy-saving appliance helps your business consume less electricity. Lesser energy consumption can effectively improve your business water usage. For example, an ENERGY STAR-rated clothes washer can help you save electricity up to time. These products also have a low water factor which consumes less water.

Filling up your bottle only as much as you need

The little things you do sometimes have a considerable impact. When drinking water, it is necessary to fill your bottle only with the water you will be drinking.

Some people take office water and fill their cups with too much water. Then, leaving it unconsumed. These unconsumed waters, when combined, form a big part of the water wastage.

You and your employees should be able to stop wasting water by getting what you only need. Having the right mindset will enable your business to be part of this action toward sustainable water use.

Reusing water

Your business can conserve water by reusing it. Reusing water in your business reduces operation costs and wastes water. Reusing water can also decrease the carbon impact of your business on the environment.

Reusing water in your workplace is possible. There are different water treatment options like filtering and water processing methods.

Here are some opportunities for reusing processed and filtered water:

  • Air purifiers
  • Toilet flushing
  • Washing floors
  • Irrigation
  • Material transportation
  • Polishing tools and equipment
  • Dust suppression
  • Washing vehicles

Be water smart

Being water smart is a way to save and conserve water. Instead of using outdated technologies that use more water, you can switch to high-tech devices. These devices can significantly help you save water in your daily use.

There are also new water automation devices that can benefit your business. A water-smart mindset is necessary to decide which action plan you will do for your conservation efforts.

Having a business in the UK will entail much environmental compliance, and it is necessary to lay down a sustainable path for your company.

Written by Marcus Richards

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