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9 Marketing Strategies Every Startup or Small Business Should Adopt

Marketing could be challenging for businesses, especially if they are start-ups or newly established. It requires a lot of time, effort, and money, and there are so many options to choose from that you may get confused about which one to pick.

There are several strategies at the top and bottom of your marketing and sales funnel, and you need to make your move in your selection approach smartly. To get to its peak, you must follow the most sustainable, consistent, trending, and complete marketing strategy that can bring you maximum sales, conversions, brand awareness, customer outreach, and enhanced ROI.

Many marketing strategies, especially the outdated and traditional ones, are out of range, out of trend, and are not useful for small companies. Some examples are newspapers ads, television advertisements, hoardings, wall posters, a few hard banners, etc.

For many businesses, these strategies may have worked tremendously in the past and may still work for long-term or well-established businesses. Top-notch firms don’t even need to follow a marketing plan as they are already a part of the blue-chip marketing agenda and don’t need to do anything to capture customer attention.

But more than 80% of businesses need to stand out, enhance their products, and boost their sales by following various marketing techniques. Be logical and cautious when you pick the appropriate marketing strategy for your firm. Don’t go overboard with your investment, and don’t blindly follow the herd.

Do what is right for your business and what is trending in the market. To get the best results, you should have thorough knowledge or in-house expertise in marketing and advertising strategies. If you don’t, don’t hesitate to employ or hire professionals and experts who can help you with it. These aren’t very expensive, but they can surely help you with the latest and unique marketing strategies that even your competitors wouldn’t know about. So follow the right directions and pick the right marketing approach for your new or established business.

In this blog, we will talk about the 9 most important marketing channels that a business can adopt to get maximum customers, sales, profits, and ROI.

1. Earned Media or PR

You cannot underestimate the importance of a trusted third party that promotes your business. Big firms and industries thrive on this strategy, and PR is the main reason for them to be where they’re today.

Mainly freelancers, promoters, bloggers, or Influencers come under this category. They can enhance your followers, share your business model and product awareness with their followers and gain support with an exponential consumer reach.

News articles, media credibility, distributors, affiliates, and influencers, can also simply promote your business through word of mouth. In return, these agencies benefit from a wider range of distribution by passing out directional information to existing viewers.

Various kinds of marketing strategies can be adopted by these entities, which are creative, reasonable, and, if done correctly, can garner the attention of the media and target markets.

2. Content Marketing

Content writing has become a thriving job profile for many, considering how important it is for businesses to rule the marketing field. Content is important for people to know about your products, business, and brands. If written and projected wisely, it can take your website to the top of the charts on search engines.

Creating interesting content in connection with your target audience can build consumer interest and garner new leads by enhancing the intimacy ratio. Content can answer frequently asked questions and concerns about your products and services, inform consumers about the latest deals and offers, tell them how they can connect with you online and offline, and give them a good reason for choosing you.

Content varies from articles to infographics, eBooks, posters, presentations, and videos as well. Videos made professionally using a video maker tool, help you demonstrate your know-how, differentiation, and brand value in a much better way and can help you gain potential customers.

3. Partner Marketing

Partnerships with other companies and organizations that share similar target groups or customers are a great marketing strategy.

A mix of companies with the same intent and objective can contribute resources and build your industry together, making it look real and collaborative. For example, giving out good discounts, great deals, and free products comes under partner marketing.

4. Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter give you control over your messages and the freedom to share updates, build a community, upload text/video/image-based content and invite as many likes, comments, and shares as you can.

Social media is a great place to create user-generated content, receive feedback, and address customer service concerns as a free channel to activate.

Most people use their smartphones, and many spend more than half of their day browsing through social media posts, getting impressed by what various brands offer to them. This is a great way of showcasing and delivering your product in front of them and upscaling your market.

You create more trust, credibility, and transparency by posting on your social channels, especially through video marketing, wherein you can justify and honestly talk about your business, employees, products management, and intention, which can dramatically improve conversion rates.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you wanted to buy a bike, would you run to different stores and check out different brands, understanding their features and rates, or would you simply relax on your couch and type “best bike near me” into a search engine?

Probably the latter, right? You get all the information you need sitting comfortably in your house without running around. This is how powerful SEO is. When people search for the kind of products you deal in, your website should rank topmost on the first page (or close) so that people show interest in your website and know more about your products. This is what SEO is all about.

Strategic SEO allows you to envision high-needed or motivated leads. This makes it easy to close this type of transaction. Furthermore, when customers are looking for help with a problem, looking at your website helps to position you as a reliable source that can help them. This is where an SEO agency UK can help.

6. Email Marketing

What is your first reaction when you receive a promotional email? You may not take it seriously in the very first go, but if the email has useful content, is personalized, and if it contains a video, a solution, or a strong message for you, you will surely be interested in knowing more about the brand.

Hence, as a small business, you must create an email list properly, inviting a group of people who initially may have contacted you or shown any kind of interest in doing business with you.

Bifurcate your list based on profiles and characteristics and start sending emails using the right content, intent, object, and offers at the right time. This improves your customer journey and influences purchasing decisions without any additional impact on your marketing budget.

7. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is quite a reasonable way to promote your small business. All you need to do is to hire an external resource; it could also be a single person who will promote your products and services in their unique way and will only be rewarded if successful.

Affiliates can be hired in many different forms as freelancers, influencers, bloggers, content publishers, review sites, etc., who can build paid partnerships based on clicks, leads, or sales.

8. Referral Marketing

Customer testimonials, ratings, word of mouth, and product reviews are all the rage these days. New leads trust what existing customers have experienced using your products and what they think about your brand. Leveraging the credit of existing satisfied customers is one of the most lucrative, attractive, and cost-effective ways to grow.

Motivate your existing consumers to promote your products and services, remind them to share their experiences, and encourage them to continue business with you. You’re most likely to receive quality leads incurring lower costs, and it is a great way to promote your business.

9. PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads can be expensive when targeting high-traffic keywords, but you can try to acquaint yourself with budget-conscious start-up entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, you must modify the structure, create high-quality content, and get backlinks to your domain. It may seem an arduous task at first, but the long-term benefits are so great that it only takes worth the time to do it yourself.

Hire professionals to get PPC benefits on various social media channels and make the most of this marketing technique.


You don’t need to invest extravagantly for a good marketing strategy. Even with a reasonable budget, many options are available for a start-up or small business to create a solid marketing plan.

You can strategically, creatively, and skillfully acquire clients, generate revenue, and ultimately revert to marketing activities by adopting various affordable strategies across the marketing funnel, find unique ways to increase brand and product awareness, and devote more resources to those that have worked well previously.

Written by Marcus Richards

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