Abdul Nassani: Develop Personalized, Affordable Wellness Treatments That Can Be Accessed at Any Time, and in Any Biohacking Orb Around the World

Our vision
Improving global health with a holistic and, for the first time, fully data driven approach

Our mission
Develop personalized, affordable wellness treatments that can be accessed at any time, and in any biohacking orb around the world powered by cloud based artificial intelligence that responds to the user’s individual life situations

Tell us about yourself?

Abdul Nassani spearheaded the creation and development of the Biohacking ORB and is responsible for product innovation, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing.

A successful wellness entrepreneur and innovator based in Dubai, Nassani’s clients include wellness and hospitality brands like Six Senses, Hilton, Fairmont and Sofitel.

In addition to founding and creating the Biohacking ORB, Nassani is the CEO of WOW Wellness Group, where he oversees day-to-day operations, providing high-quality, innovative spa and wellness services and equipment to projects across the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

Nassani’s interest and passion in ‘biohacking for wellness’ evolved out of his personal passion and included deep dives into the worlds of biohacking pioneers and the teachings of ancient philosophers, theologists and scholars – as he explored how to marry high tech hacks with ancient healing practices.

His vision was to create a completely new category of touchless, self-administered treatments and experiences centered around evidence-based modalities designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance.

To create the Biohacking ORB’s unique platform and treatments, Nassani gathered a team of wellness experts and, together, they developed the ORB, an inviting, safe cocoon that welcomes users, putting them in the right frame of mind and physical posture for maximum relaxation while delivering easy-to-implement wellness hacks to enhance mood, brain performance, physical recovery and more in a matter of minutes instead of hours, weeks, days or years.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

To Bring affordable and fast mental & physical wellness recovery to everyone

What is your magic sauce?

There is nothing like the ORB in the mark right now, and I dont think there will be in the near future.
Investing in AI, Cognitive science & evidence based modalities brought few steps ahead from anything happening right now.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

I want to have 20 orbs in every major city around the world

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Tech & products is very advance for the wellness market, which have been always working on traditional style.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Adding more modalities.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

Living a full, well life means being in the best mental, physical and emotional condition. However, no matter how well intentioned we are, very few of us can dedicate endless hours to the pursuit of our wellness needs/goals..

The ORB’s multisensory treatments are designed to help you biohack your way to a better performing, more relaxed, focused, pain-free and healthier you.

Regular use of the ORB’s multisensory journeys help users achieve an improve state of mental and physical wellness, including:

Mental Recovery
Physical Recovery
Gut Health Recovery

Spa & Wellness Centers
Biohacking Centers
Hospitals / Clinics
Alternative Medicine Facilities
Recovery & Rehab Centers
Private Homes
Retirement Communities
Fitness Centers / Gyms
Areas of Application
Workplace Wellness Program
Hotels / Airports
Military Bases

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