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Akvile Ignotaite : System Akvile Is the 1st App on the Market for Skin Conditions Including Acne Prone and Blemished Skin

System Akvile is the 1st app on the market for skin conditions including acne prone and blemished skin. Our all-in-one data-driven app helps to support skin health using data-analytics, clinical science and best-in-class technology.

System Akvile wants to change the approach to skin health. The market is currently highly fragmented and does not meet the short and long-term needs of people with skin conditions. With rising numbers of people who suffer from acne an innovative and sustainable approach is very much needed.

The System Akvile platform aims to to break the trial-and-error cycles of acne sufferers and prevent associated mental-health issues.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m originally from Lithuania and have a Ph.D. in Data Science. Before System Akvile, I worked for several years in Finance.

Having acne-prone skin and lacking real support for my skin issues pushed me to create System Akvile. We started as a skincare company in 2019 and later became the app platform we now are.

I was highly frustrated by the number of products that claimed to “fix” acne that didn’t work: the idea that you could improve a skin condition in one day or a week is such a big lie, but many people believed in it. I needed to create a system that managed every aspect of skin health.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Be fearless! During the last several years, and especially when negotiating with investors, I realized that a “no” or rejection is always just the beginning of a conversation.

What problem does your business solve?

10% of the world’s population suffers from skin conditions, 40% of Millennials and GenZ’s. The existing approach for treating skin conditions is broken to the core because it enforces unstainable trial and error products and quick-fix “solutions” that are harmful in the long run.

That is also why the market is highly fragmented, and digital natives are incredibly frustrated. We are reinventing the patient journey with our science-based app platform for skin health.

We are holistic and build an all-in-one skin health solution by combining highly personalized skin health analysis, progress tracking, trigger identifications, and user behavior.

That’s a revolution for skin health and will disrupt the market, making trial and error products irrelevant, but more than that enables the user to take their skin health literally into their own hands.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The inspiration for System Akvile came from my own skin problems. My acne prone skin could be easily triggered by many things like stress, changes in my hormone levels, some foods etc. I couldn’t understand my skin needs and I was feeling completely lost.

I struggled with stubborn hormonal breakouts and I couldn’t find any products that helped. It made me feel very lonely, because I tried every single “miracle product” I could find and nothing worked.

What is more, the co-founder of System Akvile is Dr. Grzegorz Stanislawski, a practical dermatologist from Hamburg. He was dealing with his acne for a while on his own, that is the main reason why he went to a dermatological path and joined the System Akvile team.

54% of adult women are affected by acne prone skin, this number is extremely high but still there is no clear solution for this issue, because the stability of the female hormonal system depends on many factors: amount of stress, sleep, and physical activity.

But balancing your lifestyle by following skincare, nutrition and fitness help to improve hormonal acne. And our app helps you to implement and stick to your routines.

What is your magic sauce?

The System Akvile team definitely knows our users’ pain because almost everyone in the team has dealt with or is dealing with skin issues like acne, rosacea or dermatitis.

And we are developing a working system that all of us were dreaming about when we were going through our personal skin journeys. All our tools inside the app help to identify skin triggers and to keep track of your daily habits.

System Akvile is not a medical app, but a safe space for people with acne prone skin. In the app development, we focus on the user’s needs:

– Face Scan with AI technology inside to read skin surface topography measuring acne, hydration, pigmentation, pores, redness and uniformness.

– 6-week Skin Health Program to find the latest research about acne prone skin.

– Daily Questionnaire to record your daily lifestyle and skincare habits. – Personalized Statistics and Tags so our users can customize the app for themselves.

– Skin-friendly Recipes.

– Skin School to learn more about skin with our practicing dermatologist Dr. Greg. System Akvile has all the tools that users with blemished skin need to keep going on their skin health journey.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Our plan is to get a minimum of 200 million monthly active users all over the world on iOS and Android and to become the number one skin health app in app stores. And we are sure that we can achieve this.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The most challenging thing for me as a Data scientist was to build a user centric product that is able to meet the demand of user pains but not those of the scientists and developers behind it.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

Ask your friends, colleagues or family members, if they know somebody who was or is still dealing with acne, and I am sure, they can confirm: they know such people.

Maybe, you are even faced with this skin condition. 10% of the world population is dealing with skin issues right now, and acne is one of them.

The issue is global and still growing, but not every acne sufferer has access to medical support. Each new attempt to “fix” their skin leads to disappointment and hopelessness, leading to mental health issues.

Investors, who support System Akvile, truly understand how our platform can positively change peoples’ lives. You can learn more about System Akvile on our website: https://systemakvile.com.

Written by Mark Kendall

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