Ángela Álvarez: Action Monkey Is a New Generation of Financial Infrastructure With Blockchain

Action Monkey is a new generation of financial infrastructure with blockchain, to provide liquidity, scalability and efficiency to Private Capital Markets. It is a native crypto services provider, and native in Investment Banking, covering the entire life cycle of the cryptoasset.

Focused on Security Tokens,. It represents an important step towards the digitalisation and modernisation of financial markets, to contribute to creating a more liquid, relisient, open and accessible financial system.

Security Tokens are a representation in the blokchain of financial instruments or natively developed in the blockchain. Cryptoassets such as security tokens have the potential to improve efficiency and provide additional transparency in financial markets, all while making transactions safer and more resilient.

Action Monkey is a permissioned decentralized finance platform (DeFi) currently deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain focused on Security Tokens. It covers all the necessary functionalities in the life of a cryptoasset, from issuance to sale. Its functionalities include tokenization or issuance, compliance, custody, exchange of fiat currency (FIAT) – crypto, purchase and sale of the tokens listed on the platform, and connected to an automatic liquidity protocol (AMM).

Our clients also have access to other related services before and after the issuance:

  • (1) advice on all aspects of the Token generating event, through affiliated companies, and the services of independent experts.
  • (2) Services through our trusted providers, legal services for structuring, as well as asset management services of the legal vehicles that will be created for issuance.

Action Monkey is for Issuers of Security Tokens, and qualified Investors, mainly:

  • (1) Issuers of security tokens of the type of capital or debt, owners of assets and alternative investment and alternative finance funds, in the typology of assets of Real Estate, Hotels, Companies, and Venture Capital crypto funds that invest in other crypto assets;
  • (2) Qualified investors, professional or institutional, resident in a jurisdiction permitted in accordance with applicable laws, to create an ecosystem of investors in a new generation of private capital markets.

What type of assets?
Security Tokens mainly, of the capital or debt type, backed by a legal structure for: Real Estate, Hotels, Corporates, Venture Capital Crypto Funds that invest in other cryptoassets

Tell us about yourself?

I have developed my professional career chairing executive international positions, and Boards in global entities and banks, in Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking, mainly in the Financial, Real Estate, Hotels, Restructuring and Alternative Financing sectors, as well as in Fintech Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi that attracted her interest years ago as a way to solve most of the issues that found in the finance industry.

I was working at BBVA in several positions as Head of Investment Banking and member of the Risk Committee of the Iberian Special Assets Situations unit, Member of the Executive Committee of BBVA Consumer Finance and the Digital Bank Uno-e Bank, and Head of Corporate Development for the acquisitions of Consumer Finance, Insurance and Financial Institutions in Europe, Asia, USA and Brazil. Prior to that she headed the Corporate Finance and M&A European Financial Institutions Group (FIG) team in Spain at KPMG. Previously, she worked at PWC Corporate Finance, Bankinter, Citibank, and All Trading AVB.

I am the Founder of Aglaia Capital, which covers the traditional corporate finance discipline, and also digital assets, advising on token generating events. She is at the Advisory Board of an affiliated company in traditional Corporate Finance, in London.

Speaker at Economic Forums, active in the international M&A, Fintech and Blockchain space, passionate about decentralised technologies and cooperation business models, Featured as Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leaders, To CEOs, and Elite league of innovative entrepreneurs, among others.

My vision of developing a new financial infrastructure to provide liquidity to the Private Capital Markets, focused on Alternative Investments and Financing, with blockchain led me to create Action Monkey, Permissioned DeFi Platform, whose development has been recently finished.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The inspiration behind my business comes from my experience as a way to solve some of the issues found in the financial industry where I have developed my professional career and particularly in Investment Banking and Alternative Investments and Finance

One of the main challenges faced, in general, in the Private Equity Market is the lack of liquid markets for the type of Alternative Assets such as Real Estate, Hotels, Private Equity or venture Capital Funds.

Traditional funding is limited. Execution times for any corporate transaction which is usually the path for that these assets to be liquid are high.

It is also difficult to scale the Corporate Finance business, with a high fragmentation of investment opportunities for investors, and customized and time-consuming processes for sellers and investors.

On the other hand, digital asset business models frequently use anonymity, lacking the levels of compliance required by regulation, where appropriate, of the assets that they represent.

Action Monkey, Permissioned DeFi Platform, solves some of the challenges of the Private Equity Market and Cryptoasset industry, such as scalability, automation, interoperability and access to liquidity, using blockchain technology and decentralized smart contract protocols for Security Tokens, leveraging their efficiency, transferability, automation and transparency, and, on the other hand, incorporating in the Platform and in the DeFi smart contracts protocols control and compliance functions required by the regulations.

What is your magic sauce?

We are native in Investment Banking and in crypto.

Action Monkey has a unique approach, covering the whole life of the cryptoasset, being focused on security tokens, addressing the industry of the private capital markets, the biggest in the world.

It uses Defi Protocols but including compliance and control functions. The Platform have been conceived from an Investment Banking and crypto prospective.

My vision is not only change the financial infrastructure but also to include some values from the crypto world like consensus, fairness, and impact for making a better world.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

To feed Action Monkey with current or new Alternative Investment Funds, Real Estate and Hotels, mainly and escalate soon, accordingly with the market.

Transform the industry to which is addressed. To convert the Private Capital Market scalable, efficient, and transparent, and more liquid, with a new financial infrastructure for the Private Capital Markets, which is the biggest market in the world.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

I have faced many challenges along the creation process, and usually in the form of decisions to be made.
Having a view, and a mission have been a good tool to overcame the challenges and continuing evolving.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Every step is a step further to the digitalisation and modernisation to the Private capital markets industry. The increase of the adoption of cryptoassets to scale quickly and be attentive to adapt to the constant evolution of the sector which is one of the main challenges of this industry.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We welcome to any crypto investors connect us, as well as owners of hotels, assets, corporate or funds, and assets managers that want to explore a new way of making liquid their assets.

Besides, we want to create with and around Action Monkey a synergic ecosystem with entities such as Crypto Funds, Fund Managers of Alternative Investments or Alternative Financing, Metaverse players, other crypto players, Exchanges, Venture Capital Funds, Financial Institutions, or any player that would like to work with us. We are open to cooperate or participate in any other ecosystem where there are synergies

You can reach out sending a message on: [email protected] and we will come back to you soon.

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