Bavaria’s Sales Innovators: Redefining the Art of Selling

Unveiling the Trailblazing Startups Transforming Sales in Bavaria, Germany


Bavaria, a land of innovation and entrepreneurship, is witnessing a revolution in the world of sales. From cutting-edge e-commerce platforms to intelligent furniture manufacturers, these 15 startups are redefining the art of selling. Join us as we explore the trailblazing companies that are driving innovation and excellence in the sales industry in Bavaria.

Jungle: Revolutionizing Robotic Solutions for Factories

Jungle is an online marketplace that offers factories the opportunity to rent standardized and modular robotic solutions.

FI Fibre Industries: Pioneering Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing

FI Fibre Industries is a leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer, delivering cutting-edge solutions to the industry. W:

kommod: Crafting the Future of Furniture Sales

kommod is an online store that offers meticulously designed and curated furniture pieces to customers. W:

Smartfurniture: Revolutionizing Home Furniture with Intelligence

Smartfurniture is a forward-thinking manufacturer that creates and sells intelligent furniture for modern living. W:

RS Flight Systems: Soaring to New Heights in Aviation Solutions

RS Flight Systems is an aviation solution company, providing flight tests, data acquisition, and noise certificate services. W:

Sunny Air Solutions: Breathing Fresh Air into the Sales Industry

Sunny Air Solutions specializes in manufacturing and selling cutting-edge air purification systems. W:

Hopfa: Uncorking the Finest Wine Products

Hopfa is an e-commerce store that manufactures and sells premium wine products to connoisseurs. W:

Obelizk: Elevating Men’s Accessories with Style

Obelizk is an e-commerce company that offers a range of designer accessories catering to men’s fashion. W:

AWELA: Your One-Stop Shop for Spare Parts and Accessories AWELA is an online store that provides a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for various industries. W:

customice: Creating Customized Online Experiences

customice offers an online configuration platform, allowing customers to customize and personalize their purchases. W:

myhandycheck: A Transparent Marketplace for Pre-Owned Electronics

myhandycheck is an outright-buy platform, providing a transparent and secure channel to buy pre-owned consumer electronics. W:

PushmyItem: Accelerating Sales with SEO and Marketing Expertise

PushmyItem is an SEO and marketing agency, offering a wide range of services to boost online sales and visibility. W:

Stechert: Crafting the Art of Furniture Manufacturing

Stechert is a renowned furniture manufacturer, crafting innovative and stylish pieces for diverse applications. W:

Aichinger Paletten & Logistik: Pioneers in Pallet Products

Aichinger Paletten & Logistik specialize in the repair, rental, sorting, disposal, and manufacturing of pallet products. W: Where Digital Products Take Flight offers programming and selling of digital products, enabling startups to thrive in the digital landscape. W:


In Bavaria’s vibrant startup ecosystem, sales companies are thriving by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies. From revolutionizing furniture sales to providing intelligent robotic solutions, these 15 startups are at the forefront of driving growth and innovation in the sales industry. With their pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence, Bavaria’s sales innovators are redefining the way products and services are bought and sold, propelling the state towards a future of increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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