Bogos Basak: Temujin Is a Smart Chatbot That Incorporates Startup Methodologies and Thousands of Real World Startup Scenarios to Give Personalized Guidance

Temujin is a smart chatbot that incorporates startup methodologies and thousands of real world startup scenarios to give personalized guidance to anyone that wants to build a startup.

Its smart algorithm adapts to the user’s specific situation. The chatbot helps you discover, test and build your business idea into a company.

Our mission is to help anyone build any type of startup, making startup building more accessible and reducing the failure rates!

Tell us about yourself?

I live in the Netherlands and studied Marketing at VU University. During my studies I had already created my first tech startup with a group of friends and worked on it for 2 years.

After graduating, I wanted to learn more about how startups are created and worked for 5 years as a venture builder at a Dutch bank and later at a startup studio. Here I worked on multiple SaaS startups each with a focus in different industries.

I felt more and more comfortable with building startups from scratch and finding initial customers, but two things crossed my mind:

why are there so few useful startup tools and how difficult must building a startup be for the average person? I decided to talk to people about this.

After interviewing many people about their startup ambitions and asking them what hindered them from building their startup, our vision came to be!

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Startups innovate every industry and thereby change how we live, work, travel, eat etc.. Ironically the only industry which startups don’t (or barely) innovate is the startup industry itself.

Due to lack of innovative tools and technology, startups are still built in an arbitrary way, which leads to so many failures. The numbers don’t lie: 90% of startups fail (the exact percentage varies per source) and this isn’t even taking into account the many efforts of people that die off so quickly they aren’t even registered in the statistics.

We interviewed many people who want to build a startup and new founders as well, to learn what their biggest challenges are to start a startup.

The three biggest problems for people that want to build a startup are the following:

They find it difficult to find a business idea; they don’t know how to identify an unsolved problem or to come up with a solution to a problem.

They lack guidance to determine their next steps and setting up experiments

They don’t know how to iteratively test and build a solution

Our interactive software will tackle these challenges.

What is your magic sauce?

The current landscape is almost disappointing when you compare it to how technology has transformed other industries. Competitors often offer generic video content.

The more serious ones offer very nice looking templates with general guidance: write down your problem here, write down your value proposition there, do some interviews, etc.

They always also expect you to have a business idea as well. But they don’t offer you much else, like helping you do the things that help you get to the answers they expect you to give.

Temujin goes way beyond that. Our software offers the following three features:

Feature 1: The chatbot tells you what task or experiment you should do next based on your current situation. The personalized guidance works in any situation: whether you don’t even have an idea yet or want to test whether there is a demand for your product)

Feature 2: The chatbot helps you perform the recommended tasks: such as doing interviews, surveys and other experiments.

Feature 3: it gives you a workspace to keep track of all your progress and uses AI to give you certain recommendations based on your findings.

The interactive software will help anyone build any type of startups. There is no specific knowledge required from the user.

Setting up experiments, doing research and building a prototype are all covered by the chatbot. The only requirement from the user is real motivation to create something.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

In 5 years the majority of startups will be built with Temujin. We will be active in Europe, US and India. In 10 years, ALL startups will be built with Temujin.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

We are still in the early stages of development and like every startup, we make a road map to plan ahead. To reach our ambitions we need funding and are currently in the process of talking to investors.

We were very excited to have received an investment offer very early on in our journey, but it is important to say no when certain terms might hurt your business in the long run and.

Seeing the importance of funding for our continuity, declining an investment offer felt like a huge setback. But we are very optimistic about the future and are talking to different investors.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Getting the attention of the masses for our product. Let all know that if you want to build a startup, no matter the industry or progress you have made, is your go to tool.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We have opened up a limited waitlist for people to become free users of Temujin. Anyone can sign up via our website: We have a first come first served-policy.

We also have a free online community at where you can search and place requests to find co-founders or to discuss business ideas and ask for feedback.

We are currently fundraising and are open to talk with investors. If you are interested in investing, please reach out to the founder Bogos Basak, via [email protected].

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