Driving Innovation: Exploring Lombardia’s Fascinating Automotive Companies

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Players Shaping the Future of Mobility


Lombardia, Italy, is not only renowned for its rich history and stunning landscapes but also for its thriving automotive industry. In this article, we delve into the vibrant automotive ecosystem of Lombardia and showcase 15 exciting companies that are revolutionizing the way we move. From innovative vehicle solutions to sustainable mobility, Lombardia is driving the future of the automotive world.


Website: brumbrum

Description: Brumbrum is a provider of used vehicles for sale with up to 3 years of warranty that can be purchased online.


Website: Yape

Description: YAPE is a self-driving droid for last- mile delivery, able to carry food and goods.


Website: hlpy

Description: hlpy operates as a roadside assistance company.


Website: Eskube

Description: Eskube is an automotive consultancy company that provides electronics design and business development services.

Wash Out Srl

Website: Wash Out Srl

Description: Wash Out Srl is the innovative waterless car wash app for cars and motorcycles directly where they are parked.


Website: Dinamico

Description: Dinamico is a manufacturing and technology company that provides experience and passion in digital technology.


Website: Indimob

Description: Indimob is a manufacturer of e-bikes.


Website: Elettricars

Description: Elettricars is a manufacturer of lightweight quadricycles.

Broker Auto

Website: Broker Auto

Description: Broker Auto is an automotive franchise dealer that provides commercial, rental, and repair services.


Website: Virale

Description: Virale is a motorcycle company that focuses on innovative solutions for maximum track performance.


Website: TIVALE.IT

Description: TIVALE.IT guides to buy cars.


Website: Kuberth

Description: Kuberth manufactures and distributes anti-valving cushions in polyurethane foam for cars, motorcycles, and automotive sectors.

Private Rental

Website: Private Rental

Description: Private Rental is a rental platform that rents and shares cars and goods for disabled people.


Description: is a manufacturer of motor vehicles and trucks.


Website: Quattropuntozero

Description: Quattropuntozero offers customers services related to car bodywork and glass.


Lombardia, Italy, is home to a diverse and innovative automotive ecosystem. The showcased companies represent a range of solutions, from online vehicle sales to electric bikes and mobility services. These companies are driving forward with advanced technologies and sustainable practices, shaping the future of transportation. With their dedication to innovation and customer-centric approaches, they are contributing to the growth and development of the automotive industry in Lombardia. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to push boundaries and redefine mobility experiences.

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