Empowering the Energy Revolution: Innovators in Zuid-Holland

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

Battolyser Systems: Green Hydrogen Generation Made Easy

Explore Battolyser Systems, a company revolutionizing the energy landscape with its integrated battery and electrolyser system that produces green hydrogen at low costs, without relying on scarce materials.

Kitepower: Harnessing the Power of the Wind

Discover Kitepower, a trailblazer in airborne wind energy, leveraging advanced kite technology to generate clean and renewable energy in an efficient and sustainable manner. Connecting Innovators for a Sustainable Future

Uncover, an online platform that connects companies to technology suppliers and experts, driving innovations and collaborations toward a more sustainable energy sector.

Whiffle: Precision Weather Forecasting for Renewable Energy

Experience Whiffle, a weather forecasting firm that specializes in providing accurate forecasts for wind energy and solar power, enabling more effective utilization of renewable energy resources.

Oceans of Energy: Tapping into the Power of the Sea

Dive into the world of Oceans of Energy, a company that constructs offshore floating solar systems, unlocking abundant, clean, and affordable energy from the vast potential of the ocean.

BlockLab: Transforming Industries with Blockchain

Discover BlockLab, an innovative organization that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to drive transformation in the energy and logistics sectors, fostering training and capacity building along the way.

Maistering: Marrying Experience with Startup Agility

Explore Maistering, a dynamic startup that combines the energy and fresh perspectives of millennials with the deep industry experience of business insights veterans, creating a powerful force for change.

Pyropower: Converting Biomass into Energy

Uncover Pyropower, a company focused on biomass energy and waste management, offering innovative solutions for sustainable energy production and agricultural products.

We Switch: Simplifying Energy Savings

Join We Switch, an energy-saving firm that provides services and solutions for automatic energy switching, empowering individuals and organizations to save energy effortlessly.

JUVA: Driving Energy Transport and Services

Experience JUVA, a leading energy transport and services company, delivering essential products and services to support the efficient and reliable distribution of energy.

Airturb: Wind Energy at Your Fingertips

Discover Airturb, an innovative company that enables companies, households, and municipalities to generate wind energy through their own Airturb systems, contributing to a more sustainable and decentralized energy landscape.

Living Light: Illuminating the Future with Plant Power

Uncover Living Light, a pioneer in innovative technology that generates electricity from living plants, revolutionizing the concept of sustainable energy generation.

GBM Works: Innovating Offshore Wind Installations

Explore GBM Works, a company focused on developing cutting-edge methods and techniques for installing offshore wind turbine foundations, advancing the efficiency and scalability of renewable energy solutions.

Anexo Energy: Empowering Energy Infrastructure

Discover Anexo Energy, a company that provides energy infrastructure, measurement, oil and gas system maintenance, and light-up services, contributing to the reliable and efficient operation of energy systems.

4YEF: Creating Comfortable and Efficient Living Environments

Experience 4YEF, a company dedicated to delivering energy solutions for comfortable living environments through well-designed ICT-connected projects, enhancing sustainability and quality of life.

From harnessing wind and solar power to revolutionizing energy storage and enabling innovative applications of blockchain, these Zuid-Holland-based energy startups are at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution. Join the movement toward a greener future, where clean and renewable energy sources power our communities and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient world.

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