Friedrich Eickhoff: Developing Innovative Technologies To Contribute to the Preservation of Peoples Health and the Environment

We are three forward thinking founders of Botany Labs, in Barcelona. At Botany Labs, we are developing innovative technologies to contribute to the preservation of peoples health and the environment.
For the last year, we developed and tested KORU to help people to live healthier, starting from their offices and homes.

Our motivation and conviction keeps us moving forwardto empower technology in favour of nature and wellbeingto envision a better world.

Tell us about yourself?

Already as a boy, I showed much interest in entrepreneurship and designed a concept for a hotel when I was 12. What was special about it is, that I tried to look through different lenses to please customers but also make the job more enjoyable for the staff. The irony is, that our first product is perfect for hotels.

During my education, I became a certified carpenter, acquired a Bachelor in International Management, a Master in Management and Leadership and founded my first small startup. During my professional career, I saw many management mistakes and a constant lack in ethical leadership. The corporate world was only good to acquire some skills and see what I want to change.

I became friends with my two co-founders and we realised, that we all share the passion to develop a purpose company with a product that serves our planet and people. Yet, the idea to develop KORU was a coincidence.

Before Corona, we used to travel much which was bad for our houseplants, so we spent uncountable hours developing a smart watering system which has never been there before. Then, the 1st lockdown kept us at home and we realised how important plants are for the climate and our psych.

We discovered the NASA paper from 1989 on the purification power of plants and upgraded our system to a sustainable air purifier.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The NASA paper from 1989 inspired us a lot! Enhancing the power of mother nature to purify the air we breathe was genius and logic and the same time.

We are solving various problems at the same time. 1st, we solve the problem of disposable filters in a fast growing global market of air purifiers. millions of disposable HEPA filters are thrown on landfills annually but last there for thousands of years. 2nd, we clean the air from VOCs (chemicals that can cause cancer, allergies, skin problems, etc.), bacteria and viruses. Therefore, we help people with asthma, like my brother to breathe healthy air indoors, whether at home or in the work place. 3rd, we bring more nature into homes and offices which has a positive effect on the climate (more oxygen) and the mental health.

Studies show, that people who are surrounded by plants / nature show better cognitive functions and are less stressed. 4th, we are solving the problem of ugly visible tech products. KORU blends into every place without being recognised as an air purifier respectively heavy tech product. Lastly, KORU keeps plants better alive then any other self-watering system.

What is your magic sauce?

The magic sauce is the plant care system (algorithm) and the optimised airflow, which we have developed together with two mechanical engineering institutes of the University of Kassel, Germany.
Our plant care system allows us to automatically take care of nearly any houseplant, while every other system is very limited and has no sensors to collect feedback from the plants.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

We have ambitious goals to revolutionise the air purifier and plant care industry world wide. We are already working on the next generation of KORU and other products to bring more nature and healthy air into homes and offices.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Honestly, we had some minor setbacks and delays during the product development phase due to the global pandemic and because we had to solve some very difficult product related challenges but we have a very smart and passionate team that we managed all challenges.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

We are currently creating the moulds / tools for mass production, which is going to be a great challenges, managing the production and logistics, yet I am so excited and we are all ready to master it!

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We are currently collecting pre-orders through Indiegogo InDemand ( or direct inquiries for b2c and b2b. KORU fits in every home, office, hotel, bar or care centre where you need an effective, beautiful and low maintain air purifier. We see the biggest impact in hotels, co-working spaces and care centres, because there are many chemicals in the air, plants are welcome but only if their maintenance is low and not costly. Therefore, direct inquiries are welcome to my email: [email protected]

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