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GlobMed: Truly Global Healthcare

GlobMed is a UK-based MedTech startup launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, offering patients the opportunity and ability to gain access to the best medical experts and professionals in the world. GlobMed is the world’s first ever global healthcare manager, building a truly global network of medical clinics, practitioners, surgeons, doctors and more.

Founded by a group of tech-driven and tech-enabled entrepreneurs based in London, UK, GlobMed is due to expand to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA during a phased expansion over the coming years. 

With healthcare systems around the world struggling and creaking under the increased demands placed on them both as a result of the Covid pandemic as well as other factors, GlobMed’s approach is designed to both offer the best healthcare and medicine to patients and alleviate some of the pressures faced by healthcare systems in the UK, Europe and around the world.

A common problem experienced across all continents and identified by the team at GlobMed is that some countries have excess demand in certain areas, in which other countries have excess and available capacity. For example, a patient requiring fertility treatment in the UK may have to wait far longer than an equivalent patient at a fertility clinic in Spain, in a private fertility clinic.

GlobMed connects the dots and, working together with private healthcare providers around the world, under the GlobMed network and the GlobMed vision, patients in one country, continent or side of the world can gain access to world-leading medical treatments elsewhere. 

As the GlobMed team put it “healthcare is best delivered wherever it is done best.” 

In practice this means that GlobMed enables patients to access healthcare of a standard and at a speed they would otherwise be unable to do so. For clinics and private medical providers, the benefits include access to a pre-qualified network and patient-base that is all provided and facilitated by GlobMed.

In the UK alone, there are more than 6 million people on the NHS waiting list, with most of these waiting for what are deemed to be ‘non-urgent’ treatment. However, such treatments can include debilitating conditions and ailments including people waiting for knee replacements, hip replacements and pressing and potentially time-sensitive dental treatments. This is at the heart of what GlobMed is working to solve in the coming months and years.

Moreover, some countries have world-class healthcare in specific areas as a result of their demography. For example, GlobMed has identified that in some countries with older populations, there may be world-leading fertility services, offered and provided by a very efficient private sector, something the GlobMed team fundamentally believe should be accessible to patients around the world. 

A representative of GlobMed commented: “borders and geography are not a barrier to people communicating or to people enjoying a holiday, so why should geography and borders be an effective barrier to healthcare, which is every global citizen’s basic right? When it comes to healthcare, GlobMed and GlobMed alone are the guardian angel and the helping hand patients need to access and be treated by the best medical professionals and providers in the world.” 

Currently launching in the UK and Europe, GlobMed will shortly e revealing its board and will be launching across multiple countries and continents.

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