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How To Improve Your Team’s Productivity And Motivation

Your team’s overall productivity can be influenced by several factors. These could be both positive and negative. When it comes to negative influences, this includes things like strict working hours, unreachable deadlines and targets, and overall negative company culture. Avoiding these negative factors is essential if you want to keep your team motivated and produce good quality work for you. To help, we’ve listed a number of positive influences you can use to bolster your employees’ motivation and productivity to help further your business’s success.

Create A Positive Work Environment

The first step is to create a work environment and culture everyone appreciates. While a lot of this will hinge on the people you have in your business, you will greatly impact the overall culture of your company. This will depend on things like flexible working and other positive company ideals, as well as more physical factors like how your office is laid out and what sort of equipment you’re willing to give to your remote workers. Showing your team that you care about their mental well-being is essential and will naturally help you to nurture a positive work environment and culture, resulting in higher levels of productivity.

Reward Your Team Regularly

When someone works hard, it’s not unreasonable for them to expect a reward for that. Gone are the days of believing that simply paying your employees is all they deserve and that they should give 100% because you agreed to hire them. You have to remember that there are many opportunities for work out there today, and if the grass looks greener elsewhere, there’s a strong chance they’re going to consider leaving. This is why it’s important to reward your team when they do work hard for you, even if it’s just in the form of directly recognising their contributions, as this will help them to know that you genuinely appreciate their time, effort, and loyalty.

Train Your Team Properly

Providing your team with the necessary training is essential if you want them to be as productive as possible. But as well as having the skills necessary to do their job correctly, further training can motivate your employees and keep them working for you for longer. This is because they’ll see more value in staying with your company as they still have potential things to learn from the job. You can even offer leadership training courses for certain skilled and promising individuals. This will help them progress or develop a better skillset to give them a better chance at rising in the ranks within your company. This can help to drive your employees to continue bettering themselves and putting as much effort into their roles as possible.

Don’t Micromanage Everyone

There’s nothing that employees hate more than a boss that watches over their shoulder while they’re trying to work, correcting anything they’re unhappy with. While you might think this is helpful, it’s actually very off-putting and might lead to employees making the mistakes you’re constantly trying to correct. When we’re being watched and studied, it’s very easy for us to make mistakes, so you should do everything you can to avoid micromanaging your team. This will also help your employees to know that you trust them and they will feel more confident in their abilities.

Written by Marcus Richards

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