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How To Use Text to Speech (TTS) Online?

Ever struggled reading dense text? Or have a desire to listen to your written text to proofread it better? Ever thought of increasing the reach of your content by using different languages? Well, all of this is possible with the Text to Speech (TTS) technology. It can convert a piece of text to an audio in any language.

What is TTS online?

TTS Online translates text into speech online in any language you want. All it takes is a click of a button on your computer. TTS Online is also known as “read aloud” technology, as it can read text aloud to dyslexic people so that they can understand written content better. Moreover, TTS Online can be used by children to proofread and edit their content better. This also improves their focus.

TTS Online provides natural-sounding audio for any digital text. Moreover, it is compatible with any digital device such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Nowadays, voice-overs for Google Slide presentations are becoming popular. And what’s better than converting a script into a voice of your choice. You can use TTS Online to create voice-overs in any language and add them to your presentation to make it more interactive.

Why use TTS Online?

Text to Speech software can come up with an overall tone for your voice-over by analysing the meaning of each word. This comes in handy when you are reading aloud a text. Dyslexic students can grab the tone of the whole text to understand the content. Modern TTS Online gives you the control to alter the reading speed and enables you to speed it up or slow it down according to your comfort.

An added benefit with TTS Online is that you can gain access to a lot of different voices in different languages and can select the one which suits the tone of your content the best. Additionally, TTS Online is equipped with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that enables dyslexic students to read text aloud in images or street signs.

What about languages other than English?

Do you want your content to reach every corner of the world? Or want your presentation to have a voice-over for your foreign investors in a different language? Like with Murf you can create voice-overs in 20+ different languages. You are provided with a bunch of voices and you can choose the tone that suits your content best.

If you’ve got yourself a script for the voice-over and want to create, say, a French voice-over for your presentation, just choose from a dozen different-sounding human Text to Speech voices and, boom, you are done! No hassles of recording or juggling with removing background noises. Just use French text to speech Online and create one of the best voice-overs.

How can one benefit from TTS online?

With TTS Online, you can customise your voice-overs to adapt to the intent of your script and, hence, the tone. Let’s say, you’ve got recorded audio, but want to edit some parts of it. With modern TTS Online, you can convert the recorded audio to editable text and can add pauses or delete extra words, all with just one tool. Moreover, you can change its pitch and reading speed for certain parts, or edit your whole narration according to your needs, thanks to TTS Online. Additionally, most TTS Online software now comes with an emphasis feature to add intonations to certain words or even phrases of text, thus enhancing the listening experience and making the voice-over interactive.

Here’s how you can benefit from TTS online:

1. Expand your business’ reach

TTS online lets your content reach people with literacy difficulties and reading disabilities around the world. Moreover, it is available in all languages spoken around the world. Hence, you can create a customer-oriented user experience by reaching out to different corners of the world.

2. Enhanced accessibility and learning

TTS Online is inclusive, as it allows people with reading disabilities and literacy difficulties a chance to receive information. With TTS online, you can make learning fun and interactive by creating amazing voice-overs for your presentations. Moreover, you can enhance the learning of dyslexic students with audio as well as video, which aids in increasing the recall capability.

Written by Marcus Richards

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