Illuminating Innovations: Exploring Emilia-Romagna’s Cutting-Edge Consulting Startups

Unveiling the Pioneers Reshaping Industries in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna


Emilia-Romagna, a region renowned for its artistic heritage and gastronomic delights, is also a thriving hub of innovative startups. Among the diverse sectors driving the region’s entrepreneurial spirit, the consulting industry stands out for its transformative solutions and forward-thinking approach. In this article, we delve into the world of consulting startups in Emilia-Romagna, showcasing 15 companies that are revolutionizing industries and empowering businesses through technological advancements and tailor-made services.

IBF Servizi: Empowering Agriculture with Technology

IBF Servizi offers technological consultation and services that enhance agricultural practices and drive sustainable growth. W:

CoinFlow: Navigating Investments with Expertise

CoinFlow provides investment and financial consulting services, guiding businesses and individuals towards financial success. W:

Bizcovery: Tailored Solutions for Startup Success

Bizcovery specializes in corporate restructuring, strategy, and consulting, empowering startups, hotels, and SMBs. W:

Tecnopali: Empowering Lighting, Communication, and Energy Solutions

Tecnopali delivers innovative solutions and support for lighting, communication, and energy industries. W:

Cloud fire: Mastering the Cloud Ecosystem

Cloud fire is a DevOps and cloud consulting expert, empowering businesses with efficient and secure cloud solutions. W:

MyPension: Simplifying Pension Management

MyPension offers a secure online service for pension certification and hassle-free receipt of pension funds. W:

Genomic Research and Innovation For Food Analysis: Pioneering Biotechnology

This biotechnology company focuses on genomic research and innovation for food analysis. W:

Sell24: Driving Sales and E-Commerce Excellence

Sell24 provides sales channels, e-commerce solutions, and customer care services, enabling businesses to thrive online. W:

ABZ Broker: Trustworthy Insurance Solutions

ABZ Broker offers reliable insurance brokerage services to individuals and businesses alike. W:

Moolto: Unleashing Digital Business Success

Moolto empowers clients with digital solutions and expert consultancy for successful ventures in the digital world. W:

Deep Tier: Fintech Solutions for Supply Chain Finance

Deep Tier is a fintech company that offers industrial supply chain finance services to streamline transactions. W:

MyGDI: Safe and Secure Digital Storage

MyGDI provides a digital safe for data, documents, and information, enabling easy access to financial services. W:

Ethicjobs Società Benefit Srl.: Nurturing Positive Work Environments

Ethicjobs offers tools to monitor employee satisfaction and working environments, fostering positive workplace dynamics. W:

OmniPro: Innovative IT Solutions

OmniPro is an IT firm providing access management, digital payments, and comprehensive ICT assistance services. W:

Tomorrow: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Marketing

Tomorrow is an IT software and marketing consultancy, creating seamless solutions for businesses. W:


Emilia-Romagna’s consulting startups are at the forefront of driving innovation and transforming industries in Italy. From agricultural enhancement to fintech solutions, these startups are reshaping the business landscape with their cutting-edge technologies and personalized services. As the region continues to nurture its entrepreneurial ecosystem, these pioneers are paving the way for a brighter future, enabling businesses to thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving digital world.

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