Joris van Doorninck: World’s First Dating Service That Manages to Organise Offline Dates at Scale

We’ve built world’s first dating service that manages to organise offline dates at scale. We did so by making the process 20x more time-efficient to find a date, by cutting out the endless swiping and chatting. At Breeze you receive a set of profiles per day and once you match, users skip the chatting and fill out a datepicker. We then organise the date at one of our partnered locations. 14000 dates organised so far and counting!

The aim is to change how we date by offering a service so smooth that people spend almost no time on their phone and still get to meet someone new they really like frequently. The aim is to take online dating offline.

Tell us about yourself?

We started Breeze in an unconventional way. While still studying at Delft University of Technology we decided to form an entrepreneurial collective. Philosophy: team > ideas. If we just get a diverse (in terms of skills) A-players on board, we’ll figure out what we’ll do. We quickly bumped into this online dating concept and organised our first date in the second week. Since then, we never stopped working on Breeze.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

More and more people realise how bad addictive technology can be. The smartest people in the world are working for companies like Netflix, Meta, TikTok and Gorillas and do the best they can to create these digital, ultimate-comfort bubbles filled with dopamine. If we continue on this path , we’re soon spending all of our time online and never have to meet anyone in real life anymore.

Research has shown that that’s not what makes people happy in the long term. We’re motivated to build a future where technology does not replace, but enhances humanity. Our battle ground: the dating space.

What is your magic sauce?

All popular apps are in essence marketing variations of the same concept: swipe, match, chat. Breeze has a fundamentally different concept and fundamentally different business model.


  1. Match. Users receive a handful of profiles, selected by a smart algorithm. They decided who to (not) date
  2. Plan. Users skip the chatting and immediately give their availability to date
  3. Date. We organise the date for them at a partnered and therefor safe location

Business model:
Users only pay once they receive value, that is per date. With this model we align our intentions (generate revenue) with that of the users that actually use a dating app to date. Also, it’s more lucrative, since we earn more per active user than other services.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

The now conventional Swipe-Match-Chat apps made room for dating services like Breeze, that use technology to deliver the best offline experience. Our audacious goal: to have organised 5 million dates by the end of 2026.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Our app just took off just before the start of the pandemic. As a service that organizes offline, face to face interactions, the only right thing to do was to pause for a while. We lost 60% of our user base in the two months we didn’t deliver value to them and went successfully live again in June 2020 with Walk & Talk dates.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

International expansion

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We’re currently fundraising . If you’d like to know more, hit me up: [email protected]

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