Luca D’Alessandro: Reducing Vibration Issues Through the Creation of a New Material

Noise is present in our everyday life and can seriously impact our health and living environment. A bypassing train, a nearby construction site, noisy home appliances or neighbors are just some examples. Phononic Vibes is introducing patented meta-material technologies to prevent you from those disturbances. Meta-materials “go beyond” the raw material itself, by achieving unprecedented noise and vibration reducing effects through physical shapes and geometries; independent from the chosen material itself. This makes our solution material agnostic, suitable to the specific use-case in different industries: for example, light weight (automotive, home appliances), transparent (infrastructure) and always recycled and environmentally friendly.

Tell us about yourself?

With Giovanni Capellari and Stefano Caverini I founded Phononic Vibes after winning the Switch2Product challenge organized by Milan’s Politecnico University, Deloitte and PoliHub in 2017. Since then the company is incubated in PoliHub, the incubator of the Politecnico University of Milan and has done joint research with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, particularly during my PhD where I was visiting student at RLE Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT Boston.

As CEO I’m responsible for the growth and scale-up of the corporation, the communication with external and internal shareholders as well as ensuring the overall success of projects and operations.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

We solve the problem of noise and vibration from different sources in everyday life that cause not only distraction but also long-term damages to health and well-being. Train or car traffic, construction sites or home appliances are just some examples. At Phononic Vibes, we work on noise management, making Silence the new Sound. We control disturbing noise tones through a technological solution which is at the same time sustainable. When you can fix a problem AND do so without harming the environment – we think that is a pitch worth listening to.

What is your magic sauce?

The startup’s “secret sauce” is not the “ technology asset itself, it is the team’s ability
to “continuously improve” that core (very complex and highly performing) technology to meet the market’s evolving and shifting demands (and to reap the benefits of offering a superior commercial value proposition) said Rodolfo Condessa.
As a DeepTech startup, we bring in a strong academic background and IP. Until today, we have filed eleven patents on meta-material technologies for acoustics and vibration and its applications. With computer simulations, followed by prototyping and measurements we are able to address desired frequency ranges and thus are able to address a very broad range of use-cases and thus customers. We continue pushing in further developing our technologies and products with a strong hands-on industry application focus and continue to innovate and grow our IP.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

Phononic Vibes is and will be the reference regarding MetaMaterial Technology applied to Acoustics (According to Startus-insights, in the top 4 of Top MetaMaterials Startups).
Phononic Vibes will grow offering hardware solutions for Noise and vibration mitigation with Infrastructure as the first target market followed by Transportation and Appliances segments.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Phononic Vibes’ team and work style is synonym of resilience, change and growth. Covid 19 digital working environment has been present for ½ of PhV’s life. Although not impacting in a major way our business due to technology market fit status, the impact of the crisis was present when dealing with clients, suppliers but also team members needing to be home. PhV continued adapting to the challenges brought by this new way of living and working building a new prosperous work environment and contributing to Italian technology and business growth.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Our next big challenge is to industrialize our solutions and increase our recurring revenues in our three market segments: Infrastructure, Transportation and Appliances.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

In order to scale fast and finalise our technology/market fit, we are looking for industrial partners to help us grow in our three market segments: Infrastructure, transportation, and appliances. Furthermore, we are currently on discussions with investors for our Series-A, to finance our operating and industrialisation milestones – which also include new, talented team members.

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