Mihai Bocai: Create Meaningful Customer Journeys Through Smart Social Data

ProductLead helps your business build authentic product experiences and share them anywhere for growth. With this tool, you can insert reliable stories in all the important moments along the customer journey. From shoppable galleries to UGC-based huge billboards, you can do it all from one single dashboard.

Tell us about yourself?

Before creating ProductLead, I led Evonomix – a marketing and technology company specializing in strategy, engineering, interaction design, and digital commerce. Evonomix’s powerful & reliable team allows me to focus more on building ProductLead now.

So I’d say my background is in creating strong teams that can build even stronger products.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

It all started from the needs we have at Evonomix. Every campaign for our commerce customers was very fragmented. We had to use various tools, some of the work was still done manually.

And the most annoying part was that we were never closing the circle. There were tons of content created in every campaign and we didn’t have the tools to repurpose it correctly and in a meaningful way.

ProductLead started as an internal tool and is now used by many international businesses.

What is your magic sauce?

ProductLead works as an integrated ecosystem and offers all features: social content sourcing, competitor analytics, campaign insights, visual commerce (shoppable photo galleries built-in site), creative generator @scale, and social media scheduler.

These are some of the main features we’ve built so far. There’s a lot more on the roadmap and the feedback from our current clients is exciting.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

We’re all working hard to make ProductLead the go-to technology when it comes to product experience in whatever form our customers imagine it.

The marketers need a tool to automate content sourcing from social media and repurpose it to create social commerce on their website and on other platforms (social media stories, dynamic ads, omnichannel activation).

In 5 years, I think we – as digital people – will break a lot of technological barriers and ProductLead will be ready for it. See you in the Metaverse maybe?

We’re on a mission to help every business that wants to build authentic context around its products.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

As a startup, you face a lot of setbacks, especially at the beginning. From technological difficulties to funding and building the right team, everything is a challenge.

Not necessarily a setback, but something we still fight with, is the fact that some of our customers don’t even know they have the problem that ProductLead can solve. People are so settled in working with archaic tools and doing manual work, they sometimes forget to look for tools that simplify their work.

This type of technology is really new and it’s easy to work with early adopters. For those who play safe, it takes double the work to convince them. We’re doing a lot of market education I’d say.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

We’re in the middle of a major rebranding. Launching a new face and a new website is a big challenge for everybody. So keep an eye on us, you’ll soon see a new, bold look that truly represents who we are.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We’re typically working with eCommerce, marketplaces, publishers, and those who are in trade marketing.

Their primary needs are to create awareness, trust, and spike interest in their products, in order to inspire the customers, shorten the buying journey, sell their products online faster, improve communication of their brand & social media recognition, save time by automating the creation of the digital asset or to make data-based decisions by using the analytics insights & competitive metrics.

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