Navigating Healthcare Innovation: Unveiling Noord-Holland’s Revolutionary Medical Startups

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Medical Landscape of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands


The healthcare landscape in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by a wave of innovative startups. These startups are revolutionizing medical care with groundbreaking technologies and solutions. In this article, we delve into the dynamic medical scene of Noord-Holland and introduce you to 15 pioneering companies that are shaping the future of healthcare.

Gilbert Technologies: Empowering Inhalation Therapy

Gilbert Technologies pioneers inhalation therapeutic solutions through innovative medical devices. Discover their unique offerings at Gilbert Technologies

Holotropic Herbs: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

Holotropic Herbs provides a range of organic foods, medicinal herbs, roots, and tinctures for holistic healthcare. Explore their offerings

MedMe: Digitizing Remote Medical Reporting

MedMe Group focuses on remote medical reporting services, digitizing healthcare to enhance accessibility and convenience. Learn more at MedMe

pERSUASIVE: Revolutionizing Heart Disease Detection

pERSUASIVE is dedicated to early detection of Ischemic heart disease (IHD), revolutionizing heart health assessment. Visit pERSUASIVE

Beacon: Precision in Image-Guided Procedures

Beacon develops active needle tip identification technology for enhanced precision in image-guided medical procedures. Explore Beacon

SuperSeton: Enhancing Patient Comfort

SuperSeton focuses on improving patient comfort and reducing complications for individuals with anal fistulae. Discover more at SuperSeton

Vital10: Empowering Healthcare Self-Management

Vital10 offers self-management, monitoring, remote support, and guidance, empowering individuals with comprehensive healthcare services. Visit Vital10

HealthConnected: IT Solutions for Primary Care

HealthConnected provides an IT platform offering Electronic Patient Record (EPD), consultations, and referrals for primary care providers.

Sansepsis: Innovating Sepsis Treatment

Sansepsis delivers an innovative treatment for sepsis through apheresis, reshaping sepsis management strategies. Explore this innovation further.

Hemeo: Personalized Coagulation Disorder Management

Hemeo introduces a personalized clinical decision support system to prevent, diagnose, and treat coagulation disorders. Visit Hemeo

Makker Hoortoestellen: Enhancing Hearing Care

Makker Hoortoestellen specializes in hearing care, solutions, and accessories, providing comprehensive hearing support. Explore Makker Hoortoestellen

MINDMints: Nourishing the Brain

MINDMints offers nutritional brain supplements, contributing to cognitive well-being. Learn more about their offerings at MINDMints

ShareMed: Bridging Health Channels

ShareMed develops an app that connects individuals with healthcare experts, creating a platform for healthier lives.

DTwist: Convenient Home Blood Sampling

DTwist simplifies blood sampling with home-use testing, enhancing healthcare convenience.

Fortechs Forensics: Pioneering Spectral Imaging

Fortechs Forensics specializes in spectral imaging techniques, contributing to advanced medical imaging solutions. Learn more at Fortechs Forensics


Noord-Holland’s medical startups are at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery and patient experiences. Through innovative technologies, personalized care, and holistic approaches, these 15 companies are paving the way for a new era of healthcare. As Noord-Holland continues to foster medical innovation, these startups stand as beacons of hope, bringing transformative change to the medical landscape.

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