Powering Innovation: Exploring 15 Cutting-Edge Electronics Companies in Zuid-Holland

Discover the Electronics Startups in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, Leading the Way in Innovation and Technology


Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is a hotbed for electronics innovation, with startups at the forefront of driving technological advancements in various industries. These companies are revolutionizing the electronics landscape, from smart city solutions to DIY kits and electronic components. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting electronics startups based in Zuid-Holland, each making significant contributions to the industry. From predicting ship motions to enhancing corporate conference rooms and creating sustainable lighting solutions, these startups are powering innovation and shaping the future.

Next Ocean BV

– Harnessing Wave Predictions for Ship Motion Response Website: Next Ocean BV

Next Ocean BV specializes in predicting wave traces and ship motion responses. Their innovative technology enables accurate predictions of approaching waves, enhancing safety and efficiency in maritime operations.

DC Hive B.V.

– Boosting Productivity in Corporate Conference Rooms Website: DC Hive B.V.

DC Hive creates gear to make corporate conference rooms more productive. Their cutting-edge solutions enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity, transforming traditional meeting spaces into efficient and tech-enabled environments.


– Empowering Smart Lighting and Smart City Solutions Website: Sustainder

Sustainder is a leading provider of smart lighting and smart city solutions. Their innovative technologies optimize energy usage, improve safety, and enable sustainable urban development, creating connected and intelligent cities.

Cable Connectivity Group

– Delivering Specialty Cables and Connectivity Solutions Website: Cable Connectivity Group

Cable Connectivity Group (CCG) specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and assembling specialty cables and cable connectivity solutions. Their high-quality products cater to various industries, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity.


– Online Marketplace for Electric Vehicles Website: Ewheely

Ewheely is an online marketplace for electric vehicles, offering a wide range of electric transportation options. Their platform promotes sustainable mobility and provides a convenient way for users to explore and purchase electric vehicles.


– Enabling Low-Cost Industrial IoT Tracking Solutions Website: Sensatag

Sensatag specializes in low-cost and low-power industrial IoT tracking solutions for non-powered mobile assets. Their innovative devices enable real-time tracking, ensuring efficient asset management and enhanced supply chain operations.

Computer Gallery

– Web Store for Computer Accessories Website: Computer Gallery

Computer Gallery is a web store offering a wide range of computer accessories. From peripherals to components, their platform caters to tech enthusiasts, providing high-quality products to enhance computer setups.

HF Kits

– Supplier of Complete DIY Kits and Parts Website: HF Kits

HF Kits is a trusted supplier of complete DIY kits and electronic components. Their offerings cater to electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts, providing everything needed for various DIY projects.


– Repair Services for Telephones, Computers, and Consoles Website: VARPhone

VARPhone offers professional repair services for telephones, computers, and gaming consoles. Their experienced technicians provide efficient repairs, ensuring devices are restored to optimal functionality.


– Webshop for Electronic Components Website: PROTOBit

PROTOBit is a comprehensive webshop for electronic components. Their extensive range of products caters to electronics enthusiasts and professionals, providing easy access to high-quality components.


– Webshop for Electronics Kits and Accessories Website: Rc-Freaks

Rc-Freaks is a webshop specializing in electronics kits and related accessories. Their platform offers a wide range of products for hobbyists and enthusiasts interested in remote control and electronics projects.

Peertje projecten

– Specializing in Lighting, Electricity, and Home Automation Website: Peertje projecten

Peertje projecten specializes in lighting, electricity, and home automation solutions. Their expertise in these areas allows them to provide innovative and customized solutions for residential and commercial projects.


– Online Retail Store for Drone Kits and Parts Website: Difly

Difly is an online retail store that offers a wide range of drone kits, parts, and accessories. Their platform caters to drone enthusiasts, providing high-quality products to enhance drone building and flying experiences.


– Store for French Art Decoration, Lighting, and Stoneware Website: Paravas

Paravas is a store specializing in French art decoration, lighting, and stoneware. Their unique and curated collection offers exquisite pieces that add elegance and style to any space.

Voin Holland

– Consumer Electronics Trading Company Website: Voin Holland

Voin Holland is one of the most established consumer electronics trading companies in Holland. With a wide range of products and a strong network, they provide efficient and reliable services to meet consumer electronics needs.


Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is a thriving hub for electronics startups, pushing the boundaries of innovation in various sectors. These 15 companies represent the diverse range of electronics solutions emerging from the region. From maritime predictions to smart city solutions and DIY kits, these startups are reshaping industries and revolutionizing the electronics landscape. Keep an eye on these exciting startups as they continue to drive technological advancements and shape the future of electronics in Zuid-Holland and beyond.

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