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SEO Leads are the initial steps on the road to success. Without new leads, your website and business will not grow. Leads help to widen your network and client base. It generates buzz about your business, website content, and services.

More buzz about your website content means more

  • Followers
  • Subscribers and
  • Customer

Finding new leads is like finding three of the above. They have the potential to become followers, subscribers, and customers. If pursued the right way it can lead your business to success.

You can generate leads in many ways. In recent times generating leads through using SEO lead generation tools has become popular. There are some go-to lead generation tools that most marketers use nowadays. In this article, we are going to talk about the Lead generation tool by SEO Audit Software.

What are leads?

Leads are your potential individual or organization who might be interested in similar services that your marketing agency provides.

Imagine you run a marketing agency. Your agency provides all sorts of digital marketing services. Now you need clients who will be interested to have these services.

To become a lead they have to at least share their basic info such as contact information. After that, you can turn them into your customer.

Not all leads share similar interests and preferences. Not all will consider your quality leads. According to recent research by Marketo, 96% of your leads aren’t ready to purchase from you.

And for that, knowing the process of how to generate quality leads is important. Here a lead generation tool will help.

What is Lead Generation?

Acquiring detailed information about prospects is known as lead generation. In this process, one has to select a category of what kind of leads they are looking for.

After that, they can use different methods to generate leads. It is a process of drawing the attention of visitors and converting them into clients.

The prime purpose of lead generation is to expand the client base and reach the conversion rate.

You can generate leads in the following two ways,

1. Through search engine

There are several manual approaches you can follow to generate SEO leads from search engines

  • Optimize the website content:

For that, you have to do the following:

  • Fill the web content with the right keywords: By using keywords that have low search volume works better here. Because with high search volume keywords means higher competition. By attentive use of the right type of keyword in the right way helps gain the attention of the audience.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are like hyperlinks that come from other relevant websites. One of the best ways to increase the number of leads is to earn backlinks. Here you can spy on your competitors’ sites to find out who is linking back to their site. Here you get the information of the valuable prospects.
  • Responsive Website: The website which looks good on both desktop and mobile has the high potential of great traffic growth. Since Google gives more importance now on mobile through mobile-first indexing approach, put more importance on looking at your website design and usability for multiple devices.
  • Local Lead Generation Strategies
  • Build a presence on Online Directories: Build and market your business on those online directories. Those online directories get high volume traffic every day. So make a cut on those directories, let you bring in front of a lot of people searches.
  • Generate Positive Reviews: With consistent and positive feedback from the audience, let you gain more quality SEO leads in return.
  • Optimize your Blogs: A blog combines all necessary elements that most audiences search helps to nail down more leads. Regularly posting blogs with important topics leads to more engagement and traffic.
  • Guest Posting: Writing guest posts on another relevant site brings more credibility to your business. And that ends up bringing more quality traffic to your website.

By doing all that, you can gain leads for your business. But it is a very lengthy and faulty process. So experts don’t choose this method most of the time.

2. Through the lead generation tool

To avoid all the downsides of manual lead finding, experts are now using tools for lead generation. It is a single platform that can provide all the facilities of lead generation.

Such tools guarantee you to convert visitors into followers, subscribers and paying customers.

By saying this, let us introduce an advanced SEO Lead Generation Tool by SEO Audit Software.

What SEO Lead Generation Tool by SEO Audit Software does for you:

Helps in creating more organic leads:

With this lead generation tool, now gaining more quality leads becomes easier. It’s really hard to get noticed by your potential leads. These tools make it easier for you. Once you have placed the lead generation widget form on your website, it will start catching potential leads for your business.

Fully Customized Solution

The SEO Audit Widget form you will create through the help of this software gives you customization options. That means you can change the color scheme, logo, and form option and embed it on your website. Using that your visitor can generate a detailed audit report which will be visible directly from your website.

Easy Embeddable SEO Audit Widget solution:

No worry about embedding the audit widget form on the website. Simple copy the widget code that you have generated through the ‘Generate Leads’ dashboard. Now paste it on your website HTML code and WALA you have your customized ‘SEO Audit Widget.’

Instant Email Lead Notification:

No generated leads will be unread or unseen from your end. With instant email lead notification, you will be notified whenever the SEO Audit Widget catches any new leads.

Multiple widget form placement options:

In the widget form customization section, you will get three different types of form placement options.

Those are:

  • Pop up Form
  • Fixed Form
  • Slim Form in the Top

With those options, you can now easily create eye-catchy widget forms for your website.

Embed the Widget form in your whole website or selected pages:

The point itself is self-explanatory. This means the SEO Lead Generation Tool won’t be limited to embedding just one form. If you want you can embed multiple forms in one page or for the whole website or for selected pages.

Easy to monitor your Lead generation effort:

From the ‘All leads’ section at the ‘Generate Lead’ dashboard, you can easily get your complete lead details. Lead details contain the contact information of that lead. Also in this section, you will get the audited URL of that lead. Through that, you will get a vast idea about that lead interest and preference.

Steps to generate leads using SEO lead generation tool

The step to generate leads using the best Lead Generation tools is easy. You have to follow some simple steps.

1. Sign up

The first step of lead generation is signing up. Using your Gmail sign into this amazing SEO software. Here you are signing up for 14 days free trial. That means, for the 14 days you will get completely white-labeled SEO Lead Generation support.

2. Go to the ‘Generate Lead’ section

From the SEO Audit Software dashboard, go to the “Generate leads’ section. Under that, you will find the ‘Create widget’ section. Here you will get all the customization options to give the widget form a branded look.

Generate Leads section from the SEO Lead Generation Tool

The customization option form contains,

  • Widget Title
  • Widget Form Option
  • If you choose the Popup form, then
  • Auto Popup timing
  • Widget popup icon
  • Widget Position
  • From image URL

Also here you are getting an option to preview the form before saving it.

Popup form preview from the SEO Lead Generation Tool
  • Configure form filed
  • Button Label
  • CTA Button Color
  • Lastly, tap on the ‘save and generate widget code’ button.

For further customization, you can style it using CSS.

A look of SEO Lead Generation Widget Form after the customization

3. Embed the widget code:

After copying the code, now embed the code on your website. Add that snippet code on your website’s HTML before the <body/> tag.

4. Finally, a customized SEO Audit Widget

Now you will have your own lead generation widget. Using this form, allow your visitor to get a detailed audit report for your website. And in return, you will get your leads.

Image Source: A look of the SEO Audit Report after using the ‘SEO Lead Generation Widget’

How does an SEO Audit Widget help you?

With the help of the Lead Generation tool, now you will get

  • SEO performance of the leads: If you are an expert or agency who offers SEO services then knowing the leads’ SEO performance is important. After your visitor run an SEO Audit using your lead generation widget form, you will have their audit report. These SEO reports reveal how much potential their website carries and what can be your next approach.
  • Contact information & email: Using lead generation tools, you will get the leads’ contact information such as email ID and their website URL. Using that you can later offer them your services.
  • Email them an audit report: As visitors now can get a free audit report using your widget form and view that PDF report on your website. You can easily email that free audit report and make a move to further communication. Along with that, you can also suggest how much you can help them to improve their performance based on that report result. It increases the chance of a conversion.
  • To segment your email market: The lead generation tool not only categorizes leads, it sorts the email marketing for leads also. Based on the lead details you get, now you can structure and schedule multiple email sequences for different leads. And send different series of emails to existing and potential clients.

All in all

Finding leads is the first step to the growth of your success. You have to be cautious not to waste time and energy on pursuing bad leads.

And SEO lead generation tool by SEO Audit Software will come in handy to generate high-quality leads. It’s efficient and effective at the same time. That’s why many experts are using it.

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