Shaping the Future of Payments: Exploring Tallinn’s Innovative Payment Companies

Discover the cutting-edge payments companies revolutionizing the financial landscape in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.


n the vibrant city of Tallinn, a wave of innovation is transforming the way we make payments. From seamless e-commerce solutions to crypto payment platforms, these companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing the payment industry. In this article, we shine a spotlight on remarkable payment startups in Tallinn that are redefining the way we transact.


Website: Montonio

Description: Montonio connects payment orchestration and payment initiation into a full checkout solution for European e-commerce stores.



Description: KICK ECOSYSTEM is a one-stop-shop for all things crypto, including a digital exchange, STO/ICO auction platform, wallet, and payment acquirer.


Website: Wert

Description: Wert offers a top-up module that can be integrated into any website or mobile app, enabling seamless purchasing of cryptocurrencies.

DLT Payments

Website: DLT Payments

Description: DLT Payments specializes in web3 business payments processing for digital assets, stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies.


Website: Joys

Description: Joys is a service provider for payment settlements in virtually any cryptocurrency, offering flexibility and convenience.


Website: Paytailor

Description: Paytailor is a distribution software that connects businesses with clients, enabling efficient and secure payment transactions.


Website: ESTO

Description: ESTO is an innovative payment solutions provider that helps merchants sell and clients buy with various buy-now-pay-later options.


Website: Tap2Pay

Description: Tap2Pay simplifies online payments by integrating various payment options directly into messengers, social media, and websites.


Website: Cashero

Description: Cashero is a mobile platform for multi-currency savings, internal and cross-border payments, providing convenience and flexibility.


Website: Finrax

Description: Finrax provides cross-border cryptocurrency payment processing solutions, offering fair exchange rates and fast payout services.


Website: PayRequest

Description: PayRequest simplifies payment collection with fast and secure payment links via Stripe and Mollie, making transactions a breeze.

Rentity Website: Rentity

Description: Rentity is a PropTech application that streamlines the process of finding new homes, offering efficient payment solutions for property rentals.

Swan Finance

Website: Swan Finance

Description: Swan Finance is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform that leverages artificial intelligence, fund transfers, crypto loans, and payment services.


Website: Finectum

Description: Finectum is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment solution, providing secure and reliable services for digital asset transactions.


Website: Paytomat

Description: Paytomat is a decentralized system for cryptocurrency payments, offering a seamless and secure payment experience.


These remarkable payment startups in Tallinn are shaping the future of payments with their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. From facilitating seamless e-commerce transactions to enabling crypto payments, these companies are driving the evolution of the financial industry. As Tallinn continues to thrive as a hub for innovation, these payment companies are leading the way towards a more convenient and secure payment landscape.

Written by Mobb

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