Tech Oasis of Lille: 15 Cutting-Edge Software Startups Shaping the Future

Unveiling the Innovation Hub for Software Solutions in Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France


Nestled in the heart of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Lille has emerged as a thriving hub for technology and innovation. This vibrant city is home to a remarkable array of software startups, revolutionizing industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From sales acceleration to AI-powered cooking, these 15 software companies are reshaping the future of technology. Join us as we explore Lille’s best startups that are driving digital transformation and revolutionizing businesses worldwide. Uniting Teams, Accelerating Sales offers sales commission software that not only accelerates businesses but also unites teams for seamless growth. W:

Cryptr: Reinventing Authentication with Simplicity

Cryptr provides plug & play authentication solutions, making passwordless and SSO authentication a breeze. W:

Dailyn: Simplifying Everyday Life with Intuitive Software

Dailyn’s versatile software caters to everyday life applications, e-commerce, and chat, making life easier for users. W:

LeanPay: Unlocking Efficiency with Advanced Software

LeanPay specializes in software development, offering an array of services including collection, treasury, and SaaS. W:

Miam: The Intersection of Culinary Art and AI

Miam revolutionizes meal preparation with an ingenious blend of cooking recipes, online shopping, and AI. W:

RFence: Ensuring Safer Networking with Radiofrequency Monitoring

RFence’s innovative radiofrequency monitoring technologies provide businesses with a safer networking environment. W:

Weza Interactive Entertainment: Empowering Africa through Interactive Media

Weza Interactive Entertainment empowers Africa using interactive media and games, fostering education and entertainment. W:

Kestra Technologies: Orchestrating Efficiency with Scalable Software

Kestra Technologies offers an infinitely scalable open-source orchestration & scheduling platform. W:

Interhaptics: Elevating Haptics Experiences for Immersive Technologies

Interhaptics’ SAAS platform designs and deploys haptics experiences for gaming and augmented reality. W:

Mariloo: Empowering Event Planning and Management

Mariloo is an online booking platform for event places and a software provider for efficient event management. W:

typedesk: Enhancing Customer Support with Canned Responses

typedesk provides software for canned responses, optimizing customer support processes. W:

Ordoclic: Transforming Healthcare with E-Health Solutions

Ordoclic’s online medical software offers e-prescription and e-health services for streamlined healthcare management. W:

Qualineo: Driving Efficiency with Tailored Software Solutions

Qualineo specializes in software development for document and risk management, empowering digital workplaces. W:

IVS: Unlocking Intelligent Image Analysis and Information Extraction

IVS excels in developing intelligent image analysis and information extraction solutions.

TalentView: Empowering HR Management with Analytics

TalentView’s online HR software offers flexible solutions with analytics and reports for recruiters and managers. W:


Lille’s software startups are driving the city’s reputation as a dynamic tech oasis. With a focus on innovation and groundbreaking solutions, these 15 companies are reshaping industries, empowering businesses, and fostering growth. From seamless sales acceleration to immersive haptics experiences, Lille’s software pioneers are trailblazing the way for a digital future, making the city an epicenter of transformative technology in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

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