The Corporate Travel Agency Simplifying Every Aspect of Business Travel

BizAway is a corporate travel agency and a technology company founded in 2015 – based in Europe with already 5 offices. The idea was born from Flavio – Co-Founder and CTO – and myself with the goal of simplifying business travel.

BizAway combines technology with experience in business travel management by offering an all-in-one platform developed to simplify every aspect of business travel, from the first steps of finding the ideal hotel to the billing of the purchased services.

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Italy in 1985. I graduated in Economics of International Trade and Currency Markets at the University of Trieste, and in 2012 I obtained an MBA at IESE Business School, an experience that allowed me to live in China for a year.

I have been in the management world for more than 12 years in different international projects and, since I moved to Barcelona I focus exclusively on entrepreneurship.

For me, strategy is key in any type of business and I have a special predilection for projects that revolve around technology, innovation and sustainability. I believe in multidisciplinary and diverse teams fighting together for common goals.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

BizAway was born with the firm purpose of simplifying business travel and making the day-to-day life of companies easier, regardless of their size, with a special focus in making business travel sustainable.

What is your magic sauce?

Save Time and Money: BizAway can be used both in a centralized manner or independently by everyone, avoiding unnecessary communication between teams and saving up to 60% of time during the booking process. Business expenses are significantly reduced thanks to an average saving of 25% compared to the market price for the same booking.

Easy Management: The platform offers the necessary tools for each figure in the company’s workforce. Travelers will be able to book the most convenient solutions independently, travel managers will define policies and automated approvals, and the administration will be able to control costs and billing autonomously.

Customization and Flexibility: BizAway adapts perfectly to your company travel policies and needs, allowing you to fully configure the platform according to your needs.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

BizAway is already being looked at as reference operator in the markets where we are already established and plan to become a continental leader very soon.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Our biggest setback has been the pandemic, in which we are still immersed. In mid-March 2020, overnight, people stopped traveling. The easiest thing to do would have been to sit back and wait for people to be able to travel again, but together with Flavio and the whole team, we decided to see this setback as an opportunity to improve and add more value to our platform.

The first month and a half were dedicated to repatriating many of our customers who were traveling around the world and suddenly found themselves with closed airports.

After that, and being aware of the needs of the market, we created a Travel Risk Management module with the collaboration of Riskline, with the objective of knowing in real time the location of each traveler and being able to act in advance in case of any alert or unforeseen event.

Collaboration agreements were also signed with the Ambimed and Echevarne (among many more in Europe) for the performance of the different covid tests. In this way, our clients could also add this type of service to their business trips and at a very special price.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

To be effective while experiencing an explosive growth is our current main challenge, which entails a special care to our operations and processes, so to maintain the best level of service that you can experience in business travel.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

BizAway was conceived and developed by a team of professionals, with the aim of simplifying the business travel experience. Thanks to its constant improvements and continuous evolution, the platform turns outdated and time-consuming operations into fast and easily manageable tasks. We are proud to be the minds behind such a sophisticated but intuitive tool.

Our team gathers a variety of professional figures: experienced IT developers, self-driven sales representatives and professionals with a flair for journey planning — all working together with the aim of changing the business travel industry once and for all.

Satisfied customers are the key to a thriving business — this is why we focus on your feedback and suggestions, always with an eye for detail, to deliver a product that makes us proud every day.

Dealing with business travel often involves the use of outdated tools still requiring manual operations to be carried out, requiring precious time and effort. Our mission is to provide for an easy-to-use and practical solution and cut through all the unnecessary work.

We work together to make our office a place worth staying — an inspiring and creative environment, where cooperation and openness play a fundamental role. Each and every point of view is taken into account, leading to new and improved ways of working towards a common result.

Written by Fredd

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