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Travel to Dubai And Venice: 2 Key Websites for French Travelers in 2022

In this article, we will introduce 2 French websites about 2 very beautiful cities: Dubai and Venice (Italy). Tourism and leisure are huge in France nowadays.

“Bonjour Dubai” is a website where you will find all the best advice to travel in Dubai. Dubai is a very international city and there are a lot of beautiful monuments to discover. From Burj Khalifa to Aquaventure Dubai, you will find all the tips to have access to the famous places.

Dubai is a pretty expensive city. Our advice is to go there only if you have a certain budget. But if you do, you can have the best vacation ever!

First and foremost, our advice is to buy the Dubai Pass that will give you a lot of discounts for a lot of activities in Dubai. On the website, you will also find a lot of information about the airport and how to go downtown when you arrive at the airport. Metro, taxi, bus: you will have different possibilities to go to your hotel on your arrival day.

Burj Khalifa is one of the biggest towers in the world! Some people live there (and it is possible to buy apartments inside!), but it is also famous for tourists. It has a total height of almost 830 meters. There are 57 elevators inside. Just next to the tower, you will see the Dubai Fountain illuminated by 6600 lights and many projectors.

Aquaventure is a huge water park that you have to visit during your stay! There are of course slides and attractions, but also a shark safari to discover a lot of marine species.

Among the most famous attractions and adventures, you have the desert. You can for example do a safari tour with a private guide to make sure that you’ll be safe during the tour. Of course it’s not free but it is way more interesting to discover the desert with a local guide.

Bonjour Dubai also shares which are the best restaurants in Dubai! If you follow our recommendations, you will have the restaurants that have the best value for money.

Just for you to know, Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world. People come from all over the world and your experience will be unique.

The second website is “Bonjour Venise”. This website gives lots of information about visiting Venice. This is the famous Italian city where you will hang out on water mainly!

The website displays a lot of information about Gondole Venise (to visit the city on a small traditional boat). It is by far the best adventure in this Italian city!

The website will also give you interesting information about Saint-Mark’s Basilica and about Doge Palace, two very famous monuments in Venice. Saint-Mark’s Basilica shows Italo-Byzantine architecture.

One of the main places to see in Venice is also Rialto Bridge. Venice actually has four bridges that cross Grand Canal, and the Rialto Bridge is the oldest and the most impressive! And finally, you can not miss Piazza San Marco where you can take pictures with Venice’s pigeons.

From the airport, the most beautiful way is to use a water bus. It is not the cheapest way and it will last around 1 hour to go to the city centre, but it will definitely be a great experience. Otherwise, you can use the bus that is the cheapest way. If you want to be quick (but it will be the most expensive way), you can use a water taxi.

We all have the image of Venice with water all around the city, but you also have roads and the bus is a great way to travel inside the city! By the way, hotels near the water are super expensive in Venice. If you choose to book a hotel inland and you use the bus to go to attractive places, your stay will be way cheaper! The best option if you want to use the bus to move around the city is to buy the Pass that will enable you to travel as much as you want inside Venice. The good thing is you buy the Pass is that you will avoid all the queues in transport. And they are super long with all the tourists in Venice!

A very important information: the water bus that go from/to the airport is not included in the Venice Pass. For 7 days, the price of the pass is 69€. A very good price for an expensive city. Bus travel between 6am and midnight.

If you want more information in French, you can check both websites and !

Written by Marcus Richards

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