Unleashing Creativity: Exploring Zuid-Holland’s Interior Design Innovators

Where Design Meets Innovation in Zuid-Holland

New Citizen Design: Crafting Innovative Concepts

Experience the world of innovative concepts in product development, interior design, and landscapes with New Citizen Design. Unleash your imagination and explore their unique approach to design that blends creativity and functionality.

Steel-up: Embracing Authenticity

Step into a world of authenticity with Steel-up, a company that specializes in steel design doors. Discover their permanent collection and elevate your interior with stunning, handcrafted steel elements that infuse character and charm.

KoofMetLicht: Illuminating Spaces

Illuminate your spaces with ready-to-use ceiling moldings from KoofMetLicht. Discover their platform and effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your interior with innovative lighting solutions and decorative moldings.

De Luxe Gordijnen: Tailored Elegance

Experience the epitome of elegance with De Luxe Gordijnen, a gordijnatelier (curtain workshop) that offers tailor-made curtains. Elevate your living spaces with custom-designed curtains that perfectly complement your style and preferences.

LITbyEdmee: Curated Interior Delights

Discover the curated selection of interior and lifestyle accessories from LITbyEdmee. Explore their webshop and find the perfect pieces to add character and style to your living spaces, reflecting your unique taste.

BAMBU LIVING: Sustainable Interior Solutions

Unveil sustainable interior items, furniture, and lifestyle products from BAMBU LIVING. Experience their online store and discover eco-friendly, beautifully crafted pieces that elevate your home while promoting environmental consciousness.

Vonk’s Behang: Transforming Walls

Revitalize your walls with vinyl and non-woven wallpaper from Vonk’s Behang. Explore their online store and find the perfect wallpaper that brings life and character to your interior, transforming ordinary walls into stunning focal points.

4Living: Embracing Interior Inspiration

Immerse yourself in the world of interior inspiration with 4Living. Discover their webshop and unlock a treasure trove of furniture and interior accessories that cater to a variety of styles, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your personality.


Embark on a journey of interior design and furniture exploration with KEUKENS & INTERIEUR ONLINE. Unveil their online platform and find the perfect pieces to transform your living spaces into an oasis of comfort and style.

ONLINEINTERIEURSHOP: One-Stop Interior Destination

Experience the convenience of shopping for interior design, home decoration, and furniture products at ONLINEINTERIEURSHOP. Explore their comprehensive online store and uncover a wide array of products that cater to every aspect of your interior design needs.

V.O.F. Schildersmaterialen Brouwer: Painting Excellence

Discover the world of paints and painting materials with Schildersmaterialen Brouwer. Specializing in high-quality paints and materials, they provide everything you need for home improvements and renovations, ensuring exceptional results.

Decopool: Curtain and Blind Expertise

Unleash the potential of your windows with Decopool. Experience their installation and repair services for curtains, roller blinds, slats, and shutters, and transform your windows into stunning focal points that elevate your interior design.

E-shaped: Styling and Event Innovation

Experience the art of styling and event organization with E-shaped. Discover their expertise in creating captivating business events that leave a lasting impression, ensuring a seamless blend of design and functionality.

Bor Lasertechniek: Laser-Infused Creativity

Unlock creativity through laser technology with Bor Lasertechniek. Explore their specialization in interior and facade lettering, wood veneer figures, and plastic accessories. Elevate your spaces with unique laser-cut designs that showcase craftsmanship and innovation.

Offertevoorjeklus: Creating Inspired Spaces

Experience the transformative power of interior design and architecture services with Offertevoorjeklus. Unlock their expertise in designing toilets, floors, and bathrooms, and embark on a journey to create inspired and harmonious spaces.

Zuid-Holland boasts a vibrant community of interior design innovators who push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. From curated accessories to tailor-made curtains and lighting solutions, these companies bring an array of options to transform your living spaces into captivating environments that reflect your unique style and personality. Discover the best in interior design as Zuid-Holland becomes a beacon of innovation and aesthetic delight.

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