Unraveling Catalonia’s Data Insights: 15 Analytics Startups Redefining Decision-making

Meet the Game-Changing Analytics Companies in Catalonia, Spain


In the bustling landscape of Catalonia, a region renowned for innovation, a powerful wave of analytics startups is transforming businesses’ decision-making processes. From leveraging data-driven insights to unlocking global trade trends, these 15 startups are at the forefront of catalyzing growth and efficiency in diverse industries. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge companies in Catalonia that are revolutionizing the world of analytics.

Stream Hatchet: Decoding the Media Impact of Video Games

Stream Hatchet measures the media impact of video games, providing data-driven analytics for platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Twitter. W:

Import Radar: Empowering Businesses with Global Trade Data

Import Radar empowers businesses by tracking worldwide shipping activity and providing import-export data analysis.

FandangoSEO: Unleashing the Power of Cloud-Based SEO

FandangoSEO offers a cloud-based SEO tool with a fast crawler, a Log Analyzer, and a Competitive Analysis Tool. W:

Pixel Research Lab: Pioneering User-Centric Research

Pixel Research Lab is a lean and user-centric research lab, unraveling valuable insights for businesses. W:

Prenomics: Merging Data Science and AI for SMEs

Prenomics is a data science company offering data analysis and AI solutions tailored for small and medium enterprises. W:

IThinkUPC: Solutions in Analytics & AI for the Digital Age

IThinkUPC provides cutting-edge solutions in analytics, artificial intelligence, digital design, cybersecurity, and more. W:

RobinBrick: Revolutionizing Retail Management

RobinBrick is transforming how retailers manage their day-to-day business, leveraging data-driven insights.

Analitza Customer Intelligence: Driving Customer Engagement

Analitza empowers businesses to reduce customer churn and drive cross-sells through insightful customer intelligence. W:

Xcale Consulting: Technology for the Thriving Tourism Sector

Xcale Consulting offers digital transformation, data analytics, and technology audit services for the tourism sector. W:

Dribia: Expert Advice Backed by Quantitative Evidence

Dribia provides expert advice to businesses based on quantitative evidence, unlocking data-driven insights. W:

Biability: Empowering Businesses with Data Insights

Biability is a data consultant company, providing businesses with valuable data-driven insights. W:

DatasBravas: Empowering Businesses with Analytics Consulting

DatasBravas offers analytics consulting services, including data modeling, CRM optimization, and acquisition strategies. W:

Dattium Technology: Enhancing Industry Efficiency with AI Solutions

Dattium Technology specializes in data analytics and AI solutions, enhancing efficiency across industries.

Mática Partners: Building Solutions with Analytics, Big Data, and Blockchain

Mática Partners develops solutions based on analytics, big data, data governance, and blockchain technologies. W:

Atrato Media: Redefining Geomarketing and Data Analysis

Atrato Media is a specialist in Geomarketing, Business analytics, Standardization, Data analysis, and modeling. W:


Catalonia’s analytics startups are revolutionizing the way businesses make decisions. From unraveling media impact to empowering global trade, these innovative companies are at the forefront of driving growth and efficiency. With a focus on data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology, Catalonia’s analytics pioneers are setting new standards in the world of business intelligence, promising a future of informed decision-making and unparalleled success for industries across the region.

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