Unveiling Vienna’s Digital Frontier: Exploring the Leading Internet Startups

Discover the Innovative Internet Companies Shaping Vienna’s Tech Scene


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is not only known for its rich history and stunning architecture but is also emerging as a hotspot for tech innovation. In this digital age, a new generation of startups is redefining Vienna’s landscape by bringing cutting-edge solutions to the internet sector. In this article, we delve into the vibrant internet startup ecosystem of Vienna, highlighting 15 trailblazing companies that are making their mark in the digital realm.

WeDress Collective GmbH: Revolutionizing Fashion with Sharing

WeDress Collective GmbH introduces a P2P fashion rental platform that encourages sustainable fashion choices. Explore their fashion-forward initiatives at WeDress Collective

hokify: Redefining Blue-Collar Recruiting

hokify is reshaping blue-collar recruiting with its mobile marketplace, connecting job seekers and companies. Discover more at hokify

Streemfire: Igniting a Creator-Driven TV Network

Streemfire pioneers a free TV network that exclusively broadcasts creator content, offering a unique entertainment experience. Learn more about their creative offerings at Streemfire

Talentir: Empowering Content Monetization

Talentir focuses on content monetization, empowering creators to capitalize on their digital content. Explore their innovative approach at Talentir

KLabs LLC: Enabling Investment Opportunities

KLabs LLC presents a private fund, offering investment opportunities for those seeking financial growth. Learn more about their fund at KLabs LLC

Own360: Making Capital Markets Accessible

Own360 aims to make capital markets accessible to the European population by providing financial services. Discover their inclusive financial solutions at Own360

HydroMiner: Navigating Crypto-Mining and Energy

HydroMiner offers expertise in crypto-mining hardware and energy supply, contributing to sustainable mining practices. Explore their insights at HydroMiner

dropt: Simplifying C2C Shopping

dropt revolutionizes online shopping with its C2C platform, simplifying payment and delivery processes. Learn more about their user-friendly solution

Similio Media: Mapping Austria’s Richness

Similio Media introduces a multilingual internet platform visualizing Austria’s geography, points of interest, and topics through maps. Explore Austria’s depth at Similio Media

Taskrookie: Connecting Qualified Service Providers

Taskrookie brings qualified service providers at your fingertips, connecting users with reliable professionals. Discover their convenient platform

AppJump: Elevating App Visibility

AppJump specializes in App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads, ensuring app visibility and engagement. Learn more about their app-centric solutions at AppJump

Tiga: Safeguarding Data Protection

Tiga focuses on data protection, offering expertise to safeguard guest data and privacy in the hospitality sector. Explore their privacy-driven solutions

CNQRCLUB: Unlocking Holistic Fitness Solutions

CNQRCLUB aims to be the ultimate fitness and health marketplace, offering unlimited possibilities through a single subscription. Learn more about their holistic approach at CNQRCLUB

Xperience: Rediscovering Nearby Activities

Xperience creates a platform for discovering people and activities nearby, encouraging social interactions. Explore the possibilities at Xperience

Gotmyhost: Elevating Web Hosting Services

Gotmyhost offers web hosting services, catering to the digital infrastructure needs of businesses. Learn more about their hosting solutions at Gotmyhost


Vienna’s internet startup scene is a testament to the city’s evolution as a tech hub. With innovations spanning fashion, recruitment, entertainment, finance, and more, these 15 internet companies are shaping Vienna’s digital frontier. As they continue to push boundaries, Vienna solidifies its reputation as a breeding ground for groundbreaking internet solutions that are impacting industries and transforming lives.

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