Vienna’s Health Care Innovators: Pioneering Companies Revolutionizing the Industry

Unveiling the Visionaries Leading the Charge in Health Care Technology and Services in Vienna, Austria


Vienna, the vibrant capital of Austria, is a burgeoning hub of innovation in the health care industry. From cutting-edge medical technology to AI-driven therapy solutions, these startups are transforming the way health care is delivered, making it more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. Join us as we explore 15 remarkable health care companies in Vienna that are shaping the future of the industry.

UNIQA Ventures: Empowering Health and Beyond UNIQA Ventures is a European venture capital firm investing in the future of health care, mobility, smart home, fintech, and enabling technologies. W:

Saturo: Nutritious Innovation in a Bottle Saturo offers Europe’s first meal replacement product in a bottle, providing balanced and healthy nutrition. W:

HeldYn: Revolutionizing Nursing Services Online HeldYn is an online nursing service catering to the needs of patients in a digital era. W:

myReha: AI-driven Therapy for Neurological Health myReha presents an evidence-based neurological research tablet app that offers revolutionary forms of therapy using artificial intelligence. W:

enlivio: Fast and Lasting Physiotherapy Solutions enlivio offers a platform for rapid and effective physiotherapeutic treatment. W:

Pezz life: Pioneering Animal Health Protection Pezz life’s online application provides test kits to detect infections, diseases, and other health risks in animals. W:

MOOCI GmbH: Unlocking Medical Expertise MOOCI offers a wealth of medical content and access to qualified doctors. W:

Appointmed: Innovating Health Sector Software Solutions Appointmed develops innovative software solutions tailored to the health care sector. W:

careety: Empowering Doctors and Enhancing Patient Experience careety helps doctors choose the best treatments, save time, and provide a 10x better patient experience with just a few clicks. W:

myBioma: Exploring the Gut Microbiome myBioma specializes in intestinal microbiome analysis and DNA sequencing services. W:

Amabrush: Brushing Revolutionized Amabrush introduces a redesigned 10-second toothbrush that brushes all teeth simultaneously. W:

DentalAce KG: Streamlining Online Communication DentalAce KG provides an online communication platform for the dental industry. W:

Reha Buddy: Digitizing Physiotherapy Assessments Reha Buddy manufactures medical equipment and provides digitized assessments for physiotherapy in physical rehabilitation facilities.

testFRWD: Empowering Digital Health testFRWD is a digital health system with digital ID verification and AI result verification.

OrphaCare: Global Leader in Medical Devices OrphaCare specializes in medical devices, impacting health care on a global scale. W:


The health care industry in Vienna is experiencing an era of transformation, driven by these pioneering startups. With their innovative solutions, they are revolutionizing medical care, diagnostics, and patient experience. As these companies continue to grow and thrive, Vienna’s position as a leading health care innovation hub is cemented, and their impact on the global health care landscape is set to grow exponentially.

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