Yulia Yaroslavtseva & Stas Surikov& Dmitry Yurtsvayg: Helping Businesses Become Richer and Achieve Their Financial Goals by Making Financial and Payment Management Simple and Accessible

We believe that a successful small business is the foundation of a healthy economy and a good quality of human life.

Our mission is to help businesses become richer and achieve their financial goals by making financial and payment management simple and accessible even for small companies today and at any point in the future, and by breaking down the barriers to small companies’ access to fast short-term financing.

Puls connects all bank accounts in one place, business as well as private. With our product, you will know how big is your current credit limit and know on any future date how much money you have in your account. This allows you to plan accurately and in advance for the hiring of new employees, the opening of an additional outlet, or the production of a large batch of goods.

Every businessman wants to know how much money he will have in six months – with Puls Planning it is realistic without complicated formulas and calculations.

Also, it’s possible to get instant financing up to €100 000 and make payments without switching between different bank apps which altogether makes Puls a unique tool for managing your cash flow.

Tell us about yourself?

We are three partners with 26 years of successful work experience in the bank industry. Our motto is to take on the impossible – if no one else wants to give it a chance, we will definitely try it. Challenges in life inspire us to make the most out of them.

We have an easy and positive attitude to money and we have it in common with them. We love innovation, progress, and any changes that improve services, people, technology.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

We are businessmen ourselves and we understand the challenges that every business owner faces every single day. We respect and admire everyone who decided to go the hard way and start their own business.However, for small and medium-sized businesses, many of the capabilities of an organisation are lacking, those that are available for a large business.

And we decided to change this – loans and financing accounting system in one cycle, without annual debugging and installation, is now available to everyone – just register, connect your bank account and we will immediately show the available credit limit that can be taken in a day, upload transactions and conduct onboarding as use the service.

What is your magic sauce?

Excellent knowledge of the difficulties of small businesses and vast experience in the banking sector allows us to provide unique for today and non-standard approaches and solutions.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

Stable and sustainable business with a community of 70000 entrepreneurs as a large player of the German fintech market.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

We hesitate to flaunt our strengths. We invented a quality Full cycle treasury product with our own independent from any 3rd parties lending facility, but we don’t talk about it loudly. Now we want to tell everyone why our product is worthy to try it – you can use it absolutely free.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Just after we got our first dozen customers, we realized that we obviously took the right way. Our main goal is to carry on to gain the trust of our customers.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

If you are a German small or medium-sized business owner, сonnect all your bank accounts at Puls and do your business, as usual, then if needed get an instant and daily credit limit available, take a loan up to €100 000 in one day.

Puls doesn’t change a client’s day-to-day processes. It’s an instrument that helps to understand these processes and a value-added close-cycle product that gives entrepreneurs freedom and prediction. It’s really easy to use.

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